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This mod hits 50+ Downloads(I deleted some old downloads beacuse MCreator permits only 4 Mods!)
Thanks you very much!

Hello! Welcome to Christmas Mod !
This mod is WIP
The final version will be 1.2.0, it's done but this update will be released on 24 December(Beacuse 25 December is late)!
This mod is small(now)! 
I search a Techne designer! So, if you are good at Techne, contact me on email :
I search Christmas Biome(if you find this biome please send to me the seed of the map and the X: Y: Z: of the biome)!


Creator : Raphazak
Image Creator : Raphazak
Tester : Raphazak
Screenshots : Raphazak
Some Ideas : JustGameIn
Minecraft : Mojang
MCreator, the best Minecraft mod maker : Pylo


Version 1.0.0 - The Start Of The Mod :
Added Christmas Biome
Added Gift
Added Christmas Tree Ornament(Item)
Added Santa Mob

Version 1.0.1 - The Decoration Update :
Added Christmas Sock
Added Christmas Candy
Added Bottle Of Milk
Added Hot Milk
Added Chimey
Added Brick With Sock

Version 1.0.2 - The Small Update :
Added Santa Helmet. Now you can fly in survival mode!

Version 1.1.0 - Hot Chocolate Update :) :
Added Christmas Lights
Added Hot Chocolate :)

Version 1.1.5 - Mrs Clause Update :
Added Mrs Clause
Changed Gift (Now the gift can explode, can strike lighting, can add a nether star/diamond block in inventory and there is a 10% to remain the gift without removing it) (idea from JustGameIn)

Version 1.2.0 - The Mod Of The Week Update:
Added Candy Sword
Added Santa Plush
Added Christmas Elf
Added Christmas Dimension

Mod Events :

100+ Downloads

200+ Downloads
Adding an easter egg in mod

Mod of the week
Starting another mod(Maybe League Of Legends mod)

Knowed Bugs 

When you right click with an Santa Spawn Egg on a Santa he will generate baby villagers.
Santa(s) can spawn in jungle leaves

Screenshots :

A decorative stove with 2 chimey in top

Candy :

Christmas Sock :

Santa :

Mrs Clause :

An decorative tree created from a tree and a Christmas Tree Ornament :

Recipes :

Gift(When right clicked, give you one diamond!)
Can be also obtined by killing an Santa or an Mrs Clause Mob

Christmas Tree Ornament(Item)..When right click on a block the block will turns into a gift.If you right click the gift you will get one diamond and the old block will be restored!
Texture :

Recipe :

Christmas Sock :

Christmas Candy :
No Recipe. Right Click with Christmas Sock in air to recive one!

Bottle Of Milk :

Hot Milk(Has the same texture with the Bottle Of Milk) :

Chimey :

Brick With Sock :

Santa Helmet :

Hot Chocolate(there is maked with Hot Milk, not with Bottle Of Milk!)

Christmas Lights

Candy Sword

Santa Plush : Change the time in day
Maked with Santa Helmet


Christmas Staff : Used to light Christmas Dimension


Spawn everywere
Can make trades

Christmas Biome

An ice biome


Why limit to the normal Minecraft Decoration? Try the Chimey!

Brick With Sock 

A good decorative block!

Christmas Dimension 

Only Santa/Mrs Clause/Christmas Elf spawns here
Maked with Snow Blocks
Lighted with Christmas Staff

Thanks you for your support! This mod will be big!

Modification files
Christmas - Christmas Mod 1.0.0(Old)Uploaded on: 09/26/2016 - 22:38   File size: 70.36 KB
Version - Christmas Mod 1.1.0(Old)Uploaded on: 09/26/2016 - 22:38   File size: 176.41 KB
Version - Christmas Mod 1.1.5(Old)Uploaded on: 09/26/2016 - 22:38   File size: 189.57 KB
Version - Christmas Mod 1.2.0(Latest)Uploaded on: 09/26/2016 - 22:38   File size: 284.64 KB

I have some ideas like things you can add to the mod can I please give them to you.(I have these ideas because I was going to create a Christmas mod)