Christmas Mod

Published by IuStrenght on Sat, 12/05/2015 - 17:50
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This mod hits 50+ Downloads(I deleted some old downloads beacuse MCreator permits only 4 Mods!)
Thanks you very much!

Hello! Welcome to Christmas Mod !
This mod is WIP
The final version will be 1.2.0, it's done but this update will be released on 24 December(Beacuse 25 December is late)!
This mod is small(now)! 
I search a Techne designer! So, if you are good at Techne, contact me on email :
I search Christmas Biome(if you find this biome please send to me the seed of the map and the X: Y: Z: of the biome)!


Creator : Raphazak
Image Creator : Raphazak
Tester : Raphazak
Screenshots : Raphazak
Some Ideas : JustGameIn
Minecraft : Mojang
MCreator, the best Minecraft mod maker : Pylo


Version 1.0.0 - The Start Of The Mod :
Added Christmas Biome
Added Gift
Added Christmas Tree Ornament(Item)
Added Santa Mob

Version 1.0.1 - The Decoration Update :
Added Christmas Sock
Added Christmas Candy
Added Bottle Of Milk
Added Hot Milk
Added Chimey
Added Brick With Sock

Version 1.0.2 - The Small Update :
Added Santa Helmet. Now you can fly in survival mode!

Version 1.1.0 - Hot Chocolate Update :) :
Added Christmas Lights
Added Hot Chocolate :)

Version 1.1.5 - Mrs Clause Update :
Added Mrs Clause
Changed Gift (Now the gift can explode, can strike lighting, can add a nether star/diamond block in inventory and there is a 10% to remain the gift without removing it) (idea from JustGameIn)

Version 1.2.0 - The Mod Of The Week Update:
Added Candy Sword
Added Santa Plush
Added Christmas Elf
Added Christmas Dimension

Mod Events :

100+ Downloads

200+ Downloads
Adding an easter egg in mod

Mod of the week
Starting another mod(Maybe League Of Legends mod)

Knowed Bugs 

When you right click with an Santa Spawn Egg on a Santa he will generate baby villagers.
Santa(s) can spawn in jungle leaves

Screenshots :

A decorative stove with 2 chimey in top

Candy :

Christmas Sock :

Santa :

Mrs Clause :

An decorative tree created from a tree and a Christmas Tree Ornament :

Recipes :

Gift(When right clicked, give you one diamond!)
Can be also obtined by killing an Santa or an Mrs Clause Mob

Christmas Tree Ornament(Item)..When right click on a block the block will turns into a gift.If you right click the gift you will get one diamond and the old block will be restored!
Texture :

Recipe :

Christmas Sock :

Christmas Candy :
No Recipe. Right Click with Christmas Sock in air to recive one!

Bottle Of Milk :

Hot Milk(Has the same texture with the Bottle Of Milk) :

Chimey :

Brick With Sock :

Santa Helmet :

Hot Chocolate(there is maked with Hot Milk, not with Bottle Of Milk!)

Christmas Lights

Candy Sword

Santa Plush : Change the time in day
Maked with Santa Helmet


Christmas Staff : Used to light Christmas Dimension


Spawn everywere
Can make trades

Christmas Biome

An ice biome


Why limit to the normal Minecraft Decoration? Try the Chimey!

Brick With Sock 

A good decorative block!

Christmas Dimension 

Only Santa/Mrs Clause/Christmas Elf spawns here
Maked with Snow Blocks
Lighted with Christmas Staff

Thanks you for your support! This mod will be big!

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Christmas - Christmas Mod 1.0.0(Old)70.36 KB
Version - Christmas Mod 1.1.0(Old)176.41 KB
Version - Christmas Mod 1.1.5(Old)189.57 KB
Version - Christmas Mod 1.2.0(Latest)284.64 KB

Wow, this is so Christmasy <- Not a word apparently
I have just started playing this and its amazing.
How do I view the recipes for this mod.

I have some ideas like things you can add to the mod can I please give them to you.(I have these ideas because I was going to create a Christmas mod)