More Gifts 1.7.10

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Hello its me, Deadly_Golem! :D In this mod there is lots of gifts for you and your freinds! Here are some things you can do with these for fun! :D You can, give them to your freinds if there pet wolf or something dies to help make them feel better, give them out on Christmas or any other holiday, or you can give them to your freinds on there birthday, or you could exploit the fact that they can give you diamonds to get powerful on a survival world, and more! There are so many gift/present things, such as, the big green present, big present, stocking, ring box (or whatever its called.), gift bag, envelope, green present and a red present! Each of them can give you different things so here are some of the things!

Present= Diamonds, Emeralds, Pig Statue, Gold, and Iron

Green Present= Ender Pearl, Toy Bullet, Toy Gun, and Toy Sword        

Envelope= Card, and Cash (In game)     

Gift Bag= Eye Of Ender, Clock, Commpas, Envelope   

Ring Box= Engagment Ring, Silver Ring, and Diamond Ring    

Big Present= Same as Present but yet better     

Big Green Present= Same as Green Present but yet better

Stocking= Chocolate Bar, Candy Cane, and Envelope

Now that you know all the stuff the presents can give you its time to deside if you want to install this mod or not. If you do, have fun! :D

Modification files
Present Plus (With Cash).zip - More Gifts Mod [1.7.10] Download5.4 MB

Help! It won't let me update my mod to 1.8! I have a copy of my mod for 1.8 on my computer. It says I reached some 15MB max somehow. :(

Nice and original mod.
If you want to update your mod but it says that you haven't got enough space, remove the old download and add the new one