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Published by Kiriot22 on Thu, 12/10/2015 - 19:51
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Do you know the game called Minecraft Story Mode? Good, because now it comes to minecraft as a mod!  This mod adds the main characters like: Jessie, Axel, Petra, Lukas, Olivia, Gabriel, Ellegard, Magnus, Soren and Ivor. It also adds some items and blocks like Formidi-Bomb, the weird Commandblock or Enderman suit. More comming soon :)



Fixed bug where when the command book wasn't disappearing after enchanting tools.

Now when you want to destroy the commandblock using ultimate tools you have to hit it 3 times, also it will be pushing you away.

Now all ultimate tools have 1561 durability


Witherstorm is now made of the witherstorm blocks  ;)

Added more enchanted weapons along with textures


Added witherstorm block, this is what the witherstorm is made of. Currently you can get it only on creative.

Fixed the Enchanted diamond sword texture


Added CommandBook! (don't confuse with commandblock  [:)]  ) Craft it using a story mode command block 3 books and a nether star. Use a diamond sword on it to "enchant" it, after enchanting you can use it to destroy a command block, it also has pretty op damage

Added the black nether star! Now when you defeat the witherstorm it will drop this star

Now when you use a gold ingot on the amulet it will spawn "the new order of the stone" (jessie, petra, olivia, axel and rebuen of course)

Added commandbook achievement!

Fixed the giant witherstorm's hitbox

Changed the creative tab for the armors


Ivor now doesn't attack you until you attack first (he became a bit better in the episode 4 trailer)

Ivor now deals 1 heart of damage instead of 1,5

Now when you summon The Order Of The Stone it also 
summons Ivor

Now when you summon The Order they spawn on the different 
sides of the amulet

Added Ivor's armor



Added Magnus's armor

Added Lukas

Soren now drops carrot instead of nether star cause it was too op  [:)]

Axel now drops cookies

Petra now drops her golden sword

Deleted the Guide gui since now the guide item leads to the website



Added second Witherstorm stage (WIP)

Improved the Guide, now it leads to the guide website instead of being bugged.



Added Witherstorm (WIP)! Craft the witherstorm spawner to summon it.

Added Ellegard's armor!

Added Reuben (also WIP)

Fixed Axel texture

Replaced Gabriel's texture with one made by me

Fixed characters spawn rates



Fixed bug with Soren having 10 hp instead of 20

Fixed Ivor having 16 hp instead of 20

Fixed Ivor hitbox being 1 block height

Tweaked Soren's spawn egg colors

Added custom model for Axel

Added Ivor's Teleporting brew he used in episode 1 to teleport away from the nether (craft it with one water bottle and 4 ender prearls around it)

Added guide item, it shows the info about every item in this mod

Now you can place the Amulet on the ground

Placed amulet will emit portal particles

Using a diamond on placed amulet will summon The Order Of The Stone

To do list:

Add Lukas

Add Magnus armor


Minecraft.net thread: Click here

Modification files

No offense, however the "teleportation brew" is actually an invisibility potion. Anyways, great mod.

@Kiriot22 you can make WhiterStorm in Techne and importi it you can fid how to do here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XADFA5HJSWw

i need help making a mod
if you help i wil give you an early acess download to my modpack
it dosnt require any code
only clicking and renaming and adding recipes
email me at