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Dungeon Creator!

this is my 3ed mod. what my mod contians is :

- 4 mobs ( all of them are orcs. Warning : the orc dog is still WIP. it's model is broken

- 6 new weapons

- 3 unbreakable blocks ( used for the dungeon base.)

- 4 trap blocks ( the hot - and cold - vent, grass trap - poisen and the gras trap - explotion )

- 1 path ( used to go little faster. can be used if dungeon is big to get to places little faster.)

- 1 thick vine to slow players down.

- 5 New Shields. ( just have it in your inventory then the efects will apply)

- 1 set of bone armour

- 1 tool.( right click to open GUI )

About mod

This mod is used to create dungeons with traps, new mobs and alot of RPG equipment. Sorry for now that there is not much equipment.

Update :

my last update was adding new RPG equipment.

Thank you for every one who downloads my mod and like them.

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