So Many Swords 2.0

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Welcome to the first BIG update of the So Many Swords mod! This update adds 7 new swords, and 2 new items into your Minecraft game. What's new?


-Lunar Weapons


-Herobrine Blade

-New Items

-New Crafting Recipes

-Fixed Texture Bugs


Modification files - SoManySwords_v2.01.69 MB

there are many many things you could do with this like making modifiers that give the swords certain traits or enchants whatever when put on them if you've played tinkers construct it would be in a similar way to that

Also do some research on lightsaber there are more colors than most people think and different kinds
like for EX a shoto is a shorter lightsaber for small species or as a secondary weapon so it would do slighty less than your normal saber but would also swing faster or something like give the player speed when the shoto lightsaber is in hand and for another Ex theres a lightsaber that's slighty bigger for bigger species it would have farther reach but give you a lil slowness also to be that big the crystal that powers lightsaber would need to be strong so it would do slightly more damage