Published by Suredeath on Thu, 01/14/2016 - 19:17
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Hy Everybody!

This is Midnight Melchisedeck! I added this mod powered using MCreator because I want to play with someting different.

You can see my video on YouTube (see the link below) or continue reading here.

This mod will add you some items, weapons, sword and dimensions (I included some runes too). While you're playing, you wan't note anything different. There are only two differences you can note: the emeralds (that you will obtain form the villagers or mining) can give you some emerald shards, and the obsidian with the gunpowder and an arrow will give you a bullet. And now the greatest part: if you use a bullet with two blocks of diamond you'll have a "not a simple bullet". This is the igniter for a dimension (using a glowstone portal) in witch you can find a lot of blocks! OK, sicerelly it's only one kind of block but this will drop you an ingot that you can use in two different ways: To craft "Runes" or to craft another kind of ingot (using eight diamonds) that can be used to craft a lot of things (a gun, a sword, two scythes, a full Midnight armor and so on). The mod is in easy gaming category because the items, armor and weapons it adds are so powerfull that this is the only category i could choose.

Watch my video for all the craftings and for the full tutorial!

Midnight Melchisedeck

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