Exploding Dimensions Mod

Published by Mr_Guy on Fri, 01/15/2016 - 19:47
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1.9 beta released! Download at http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/243597-exploding-dimensions-mod…

old version for 1.8 is the .zip file new one is .jar for 1.8.9

Changelog v1.1 -

-Added Knives

-Added Impossible Mode Dimension

-Added Bedrock Dimension

-Added Kung Fu Panda Forest Dimension

-Changed Noob Skin

-Added Diamond Pig

-Added Diamond Chest

-Added Diamond Creeper

-Added Gold Pig

-Added Gold Bow

-Added Gold Chest

-Added John Cena's Face

-Added Donut

-Added Hotdog

-Added The Diamond Killa

-Added Pink Creeper

-Added Pink Sheep

-Added Noob Stuff

-Added Emerald Spade

-Added Wood Armour

-Added Gun

-Removed Herobrine

minecraft version:1.8.9

Change log 1.0

The Exploding Dimensions Mod is a mod inspired by the youtuber ExplodingTNT.It adds dimensions based on some of his videos as well as some mobs and armour.

The dimensions are the dirt dimension ,the lava dimension, the ice nether ,the diamond dimension ,the gold dimension ,the emerald dimension and the tnt dimension.

The armour is the dirt armour and the emerald armour

The mobs are the noob , the flying squid, the exploding sheep and the living emerald block.

Minecraft version 1.8

Enjoy the mod!

Over 6000 downloads, across every website + platform i've put it on!

MCPE verson download at http://mcpeuniverse.com/mods/exploding-dimensions-mcpe-v1-1/

Modification files
ExplodingDimensionsMod.zip - ExplodingDimensionsMod1.0-mc1.8345.05 KB
Edmv1.1.jar - ExplodingDimensionsMod1.1-mc: MB

Guys can play it on server with new dimension and build something. But the TNT Dimension! I dont know.

I've successfully made a minecraft pocket edition mod like this one.I've put the download in the description above.