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Welcome to the Forgotten Material's Mod page

Forgotten Material's adds more of a use for items that were previously, viewed as, quite literary useless. As this is the very first release version of it, there are currently only 2 tool sets. The first is "Greeniron" the ingot required for making Greeniron tools is made out of an emerald surrounded by 4 iron which gives you 4 Greeniron Ingots. Greeniron tools have 4x the durability of iron tools, making them a sutible replacement for diamond tools should you be unable to get enough diamonds. Greeniron armour (planned/not yet added in) has various buffs for each piece of armour, a Greeniron chestplate gives you resistance 1 for example. while im still figuring out the basic plans for each im trying to make it worthwhile to make yet not unbalanced or overpowered. so once i add in the armors if you feel that any of them need to be nerfed/buffed. Say so in the comments and i'll see if i can make a poll so people can agree/disagree on it (majority rules), same thing if you'd like a tool nerfed/buffed. And as always any mod suggestions are welcome*.

*Except for bows, i'd already started making the textures for them but then realised mcreator doesn't have a bow feature yet. so until that's available bows are off the menu, although soon as they add bows i'll start making some.​

First Ever Update  ​- Version 1.1
  • added the reinforced gold tool set with a unique sword. reinforced gold has 2x irons durability and golds enchantment rates
  • fixed up some of the damage values and recipes.
  • red iron tools now have a small block mining speed boost in addition to 2x durability and a little bit more damage
  • added a new "combo ingot" named "royal gold"
  • the new royal gold ingot can be used to create much stronger variants of gear for example...
  • royal gold tools possess a more powerful speed boost than the regular red iron. they have 4x irons durability and have golds enchantment rates.
  • for now there is only one royal gold tool, the royal gold pickaxe. although every update no matter what the update adds in there will always be a new ingot combo or ingot combo tool.

other changes.

  • added a todo list at the end of the mod page containing various ideas and their progress. i'll update this at least once every 2 days.


To do list.          NSY=Not started yet   NI=No idea how complete it is    E= Estimate of how much is completed

  • Create material themed mobs (for example: a "reaper" wielding a modified rediron hoe. as everyone i've shown this mod to says the hoe looks like something a murderer would use) - NI
  • Make some material/mob themed dungeons with mod loot. - NSY
  • Make armor - NSY
  • New Ingot combo/tool for next update - NSY
  • Make unqiue tool textures for all rediron and reinforced gold tools - NSY
  • Start making a better website picture/logo whatever people want to call it.











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"Create material themed mobs (for example: a "reaper" wielding a modified rediron hoe. as everyone i've shown this mod to says the hoe looks like something a murderer would use) - NI" you can use blockbench or other modelcreators to make models for mobs, maybe give the "reaper the ability to weaken attacked entities or to livesteal