Animated Craft 1.0

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In development
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The mod Animated Craft is a mod this adds some animated blocks and items in your world. Currently there are no crafting recipes in the mod.

This mod includes:
- 4 Animated Blocks
- 2 Animated Items
- 4 Animated Tools

- Animated Cobblestone
- Animated Furnace
- Animated Grass (have frame errors)
- Animated Lamp

- Animated Water Bucket
- Animated Water Bottle

- Animated Axe
- Animated Pickaxe
- Animated Shovel
- Everything Breaker (changes every second the frame)

The Everything Breaker is a new animated multitool that is an axe, shovel and pickaxe. The texture is an dye that changes everything in cocoa beans, cactus green, lapis lazuli, bone meal and more.


Modification files
AnimCraft 1.0 for Minecraft - Anim Craft 1.0 for Minecraft 1.8.9Uploaded on: 02/14/2016 - 13:14   File size: 539.83 KB