The Escapists W.I.P

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Welcome to Center Perks... well not really. However this mod recreates the popular indie game The Escapists! You can build a prison and have friend splay along with you or you can just build for fun. NOTE you can't re-upload this to a different Website however you can create a map i=that includes the mod and up-load that but not the seperate mod!


This Mod includes:                                       Furture plans: 1.0.2

Gaurds and Inmates spawn eggs                   More items,

Files, Plastic Equipment,                               Structures

Keys W.I.P.                                                  Job blocks

Blocks : Cell bars, Bricks and more.

And more!                                

Modification files
The Escapists - - Time to Escape!Uploaded on: 02/15/2016 - 17:56   File size: 173.91 KB

Finally people make The Escapists mods. This is AWESOME! I hope you finish it soon!!!