Black Diamonds Mod

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Now yo can make all the tools in minecraft but better, with black diamond. It's a rear ore found on diamond level. You need a iron pickaxe to mine it and it is amazing.

Armour: The same recepies as a normal minecraft armour but with black diamondes.

Tools: The same Recepies as in normal minecraft but with black diamondes.

Added one special tool caled sickle, you craft a sickle with: 1 lavastick in the left corner, next right to it a black diamond, diagonally up to the right another black diamond, then diagonally to the left another balck diamond.

Obsidian Stick is crafted with two obsidians like a stick. (You are only getting one)!

Lava Stick is crafted with one obsidian stick in the middle and a lava bucket next to it.

Modification files
Black Diamond - This is a mod with black diamonds.Uploaded on: 02/16/2016 - 17:30   File size: 73.31 KB

Your modification looks great. I will test it and rate it. I hope black diamonds are better than the regular ones!