Ultra Adventure Mod

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 Please check my second mod Ores Plus+ Mod!!!


This is a Adventure Mod, this mod add, new ores, mobs ,bosses, tools, weapons, armors, dimensions, foods, and more.


The Dimensions: Shadow Dimension, the portal is created with Shadownite Obsidian, and the igniter is Shadow and Steel. The Dimension Ore is Shadownite Shard Ore.

                          Ice Dimension, the portal is created with ice blocks ( the mod add a recipe for the ice ) , and the igniter is Ice and Steel. The Dimension Ore is Ice Crystal Shard Ore.

                          The New End, the portal is created with End Stones, and the igniter is Ender Flint and Steel. The Ore is created Smelting Ender Pearls to create Ender Nugget and create Ender Ingot, The best Ore for the Game.


The mod adds New Overworld Ores: Copper, Tin, Apatite, Ruby, Amethyst and Fire Crystal Shard Ore ( similar to Ice Crystal Shard Ore, Obivious This Ore Is Hot )


The Mod recipes can be seen with: Not Enough Itens ( NEI ), the Download is here: http://www.9minecraft.net/not-enough-items-mod/

Some Mod textures I got From Other Mods, I don't remember the mods name =(, Sorry! and some textures I got From NovaSkin.me and other textures I created!


The Mod has 65 new mobs!!! ( Mobs and Bosses ), the mod has a monster to protect you for other monsters, The Ender Golem ( has a recipe to create the Golem, in the Crafting Table ).


Enjoy the mod.




Modification files
Ultra Adventure Mod.zip - Ultra Adventure Mod DownloadUploaded on: 08/15/2016 - 15:43   File size: 1.26 MB

im making a mod pack and 99% of mcreator mods crashes while puted with other mods in mods folder i added Hodge-Podge mod it worked great ill see if your mod can be added too :D

Cool mod. I think that if you continue making it this will be the mod of the week!

This is definitely one of the best mods I've ever seen on Mcreator. I'd really like to know how to you got the bosses to spawn in mobs, because that's really cool!

suggestion if you going to release a new update i would wait if i were you because i can defiantly see this mod going really good with minecraft 1.9

AMAZING MOD! Loved every bit of it. One question thoe.. How did you get the mods to hold weapons and armor?

This mod crashed my mine! here the cause!

This mod is so EPIC that caused total failure of Minecraft for exceeding the level of EPIC supported!


Its a very cool mod, i'm working on a mod called "Legendary Minecraft" a mod where it may add over 5000 new items into minecraft to make it alot better. Also, how do i play the mod?