Elemental Gods Mod

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 This Mod will reveal minecraft gods darkest's secrets,The Weapons,tools,armors,and orbs

Becareful when you are getting out of your house with no armor,even if your house is made of wood

-Fire essence (droped from Fire Guardian).


-Pure Fire Essence.


-Fire Gold.


-Fire Gold Cutlass Handle.


-Fire Essence Blade.


-Fire Cutlass(still without fire aspect effect).


-Fire Guardian.


-Water Essence


-Pure Water essence


-Obsidian Ingot


-Water Katana Handle


-Water Katana Blade


-Water Katana



Do you have a review?or a idea?Great!Send me and i will put it here or in the mod(if it's a idea)

i'm working in another mod so i will stop this for a moment :/

lightning sword or life whip or death staff or light disk or dark scythe the list goes on and on