Bright Gems Alpha v1.1.0

Published by IGL Xenix on Wed, 03/23/2016 - 14:55
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Welcome to my vary first Mod.

Bright Gems is a vary work in progress mod (Alpha) only has what I'm calling tear one of the mod done.

Tear one adds Black Diamonds to Minecraft and a new Dimention and Mob to go with it.

What is this Mod all about?

This mod is like an extention to the base game of Minecraft, explore new Dimentions with crazy new worlds and Mobs to challenge you, find the rare Black Diamond ore to craft new armor and tools to help you survive new threats, dive deeper into the Nether to what you already know and face the new Nether Minion Mob on the second level of the Nether.

More to be added soon as I plan to update this mod with more and more epic gear and items as well as new boss mobs.


PreAlpha 0.1.0 includes;

Black Diamond Ore
Black Diamond
Black Diamond Sword
Black Diamond Tools
Black Diamond Block (Used as portal frame)
Dark Ingniter
Nether Level Two (Hell Level Two)
Biome HellLevel2
Nether Minion Mob


PreAlpha 0.2.0 Change Log

Added Dark Energy Block
Balanced Black Diamond Armor
Changed Nether Level Two Portal Block from Black Diamond Block to Dark Energy Block


Alpha Release 1.0.0 Change Log

Added Bright Fuel
Added Bright Powder
Added Bright Gem
Added Bright Block
Added Bright Sword
Added Bright Picaxe
Added Nether Zombie Mob
Changed Crafting recipe for Dark Energy Block
Changed Texture for Dark Energy Block
Changed Textures for Black Diamond Tools

Alpha Release 1.0.1 Bug Fix Change Log

Fixed Bright Pickaxe not being a Pickaxe

Alpha Release 1.1.0 ( Posible Last Update :( )

Changed and updated Armor Texture for Black Diamond Armor
Some small fixes to items and tools

(Note, I have ran into a problem adding more content to this mod... This update may be the last update for a little while untill I find a way to continue development, future update may have a lot more content added! I hope... I will continue to try and update this mod and hopefully be able to finish my plans for this mod in due time.)

Future planned content update will hopefully include a new dimention, new Boss Mob, new mobs and new blocks for dimentions.

Modification files
Bright Gems Alpha 1.8.9 1.0.0.jar - Bright Gems Alpha Release 1.0.0202.96 KB
Bright Gems Alpha 1.8.9 1.0.1.jar - Bright Gems Alpha Release 1.0.1 203.16 KB
Bright Gems Alpha 1.8.9 1.1.0.jar - Bright Gems Alpha Release 1.1.0 (Latest Version)219.53 KB

Yah.. ummm... good mod.. i guess.. im not traying to hate.. but this mod isnt very original.. I know, Its hard to make original mods.. but atleast i try. This.. a blatent copy of some of my friends mods. Thank you for trying, atleast.

@#1 I'm still working on this Mod and theres a lot still to come, as for it not being that original yet... well thats just it not yet. I haven't based this Mod on any other mod so to say that I coped of someone els mod isn't right, I don't want to copy of someone els at all and to say that I deliberately coped of someone is an insult to me...
I don't know what your friends mods are but at this point in the mod I can see why you would think that...