Ore World

Published by OreMiner on Sat, 03/26/2016 - 12:21
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This mod adds ores, worlds, dimension and a new biome! I used this new and I dont know if this working!

Ores: Amethyst Ore and Block

         Cyanite Ore and Block

         Chimerite Ore

         Draconite Ore

Items: Amethyst




Worlds: Ore Dimesnion

            Drop Dimension

Biome:  Grassy Drop Biome 

Food:   Pizza, Cooked Flesh

Layers:  Drop Block

             Grassy Block

Armor:  Life Armor, Fast Boots  (gives you speed and jump boost effect)


Amethyst Biome:


Cyanite Biome:

Ore Dimension:


Drop Dimension:


Draconite Ore and Gem:

Something: IF you mine Amethyst Ore, you can only pick one gem and not the ore itself.    

Cyanite creates unstable clay blocks (vanilla clay)

This file is big because it contains much textures!

Explode Commando crashes if you have a huge world or save!

This mod isnt compitable with larger modpacks!

Special Item: Explode Commando (explode your own) has an own gui that you can set how big the boom explode is.


Download Not Enough Items here: http://www.minecraftyard.com/just-enough-items-mod/


Snapshot 2: Adds first Ores and Dimensions

Snapshot 3: Chemical Items and a Explode Commando

Snapshot 4: Changed ore textures + Life Armor Update!

Snapshot 5: Added food and Speed Boots!

Snapshot 6: Added Ore Blocks and Biomes!

Snapshot 7: Added a new Ore + Some bug fixes!




Modification files
oreworld v6.zip - snapshot 6Uploaded on: 10/22/2017 - 05:43   File size: 3.84 MB
oreworld v7.zip - snapshot 7Uploaded on: 10/22/2017 - 05:43   File size: 3.85 MB

This mod is so perfect that i can use this for my modpack! Can i do it?