Absolute Adventure (Temple Trap / Sandstorm) Going 1.9!

Published by ahig on Mon, 03/28/2016 - 23:19
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Going 1.9! Right now I plan to remake the series in 1.9, so tell me your thoughts in the comments!


Practical Adventure is a mod that targets a minecraft players thirst for adventure. These mods add new armor, tools, items, blocks, structures, mobs, and new bosses. The Practical Adventure mod is a mod series meaning that, hopefully, every couple of weeks a new mod (adventure) will be posted, or a previous adventure will be updated. This also means that all of the mods are compatible, but if you don't like one of the mods you can leave it out and still play with the other mods.  

Temple Trap and Sandstorm are the first practical adventure mods they will also most likely be some of the smallest. 

Lightest Lands: https://mcreator.pylo.co/modification/20810/absolute-adventure-lightest-lands

Latest News

- I am planing on restarting this mod series in 1.9, i you want, or don't want this to happen, tell me in the comments.


- Next adventure 48%

Temple Trap: 

-Temple Lord Boss 

-Temple Guard 



-Temple armor 

-Temple Lord armor 

-Buried treasure 

-Temple Sword 

-Temple Staff 

-And More...



-Mummy Warrior 

-Good Mummy Warrior 


-Mummy Armor 


-Golden Nemes 

-Sandstorm Staff 

-And More...

Bug List: 

-Warrior is spelled worrior in sandstorm / this will be fixed in the next update 

-Structure summoners spawn ghost versions of structures / fix unknown

Hope You Like The Mods! :)

Modification files
TempleTrap.zip - Temple Trap1.33 MB
sandstormadventure.zip - Sandstorm1.33 MB

If you have any ideas for new adventures or things to add to other adventure please share!

I Have A Lot Of Ideas So I'll Tell You The Coolest
1.I Know It Has Been Worked On But You Call It An Adventure Mod,So I Think You Should Not Just Have Temples.
2.I Think Adding Classes Like Pirates And Tomb Raiders Would Make It EPIC!
3.Maybe More Biomes Or Dimensions?

Hope My Ideas Have Created The Future Of This Mod.
(P.S Its A Great Trailer)

@#3 Thank you so much, i really like your ideas i will defiantly be adding a lot of these to the mod series! I did try a new dimension for the sandstorm mod but it caused the game to crash. i am working on fixing that problem because the next adventures will be needing new biomes and dimensions. I will also defiantly be working on a lot of new structures i have even made a few randomly generating structures in the past i just need to find ways to implement them. Anyways, thank you for your ideas and your support.

Very cool mod! I'm serious! You did a good job. No wonder your mod is mod of the week!

hellp dear ahig! =D

i've a request for you:

in the trailer , this mod looks very very good! but , can i use it for a modpack??

in building and testing a modpack maked of MCreator mod =D

i'm also a mod creator , but right now i haven't good ideas for a mod...if you want , visit my profile and give me some ideas please! =D

answer me soon!