Snails and Farming Update

Published by aoooodi2 on Fri, 12/18/2020 - 22:34
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Snails and Farming Update


  •          The Snails can be found in the Taiga,Taiga hills,Savanna,Giant tree Taiga and Dark forest,this mob spawn in a structure calles a "Snail Nest" with 2 babies and            Adult.
  •          The baby size is the same size of an adults size,but there are many differences between adult snails and baby snails:
  •          The baby snails have a smaller hitbox,when they are in grass they will produce "Snail Slime"
  •          The Enchantment Bane of Arthropods affects them.
  •           When a Adult Snail is touching podzol they will cultivate red mushrooms in the podzol
  •           They can be breed with Brown Mushrooms (they will also follow you if you have one in your hand)
  •           They will run from spiders
  •           If they find Beetroot or Carrot crops they will destroy them


            Snail Composter:

  • Its crafted with a composter,a wooden slab,dirt and 4 Snail Slime
  • You can right click it with a carrot,beetroot or wheat to cultivate it
  • If a snail is in a 3 by 3 radius that the composter makes it will cultivate the crop that is in the composter every 30 second-1 minute


           Sugar Cane Mulch:

  • Its crafted with 9 Sugar Cane
  • It can be crafted back into 9 Sugar Cane


           Snail Slime Bottle:

  • This can be obtained by right clicking a baby Snail with a bottle
  • You can cook it into Heated Snail Slime Bottle in a campfire


          Snail Slime Block:

  • Its crafted with 8 Snail Slime
  • It can be crafted back into 9 Snail Slime
  • Its slippery (more than ice)
  • its translucent


           Aloe Vera:

  • Aloe Vera plants spawn in deserts,beaches and in desert hills
  • They only support Sand and Red Sand
  • You can stripp a Aloe Vera plant and it will give you Aloe Vera
  • The stripped Aloe Vera is going to re-grow into a normal one
  • They grow 3 block tall
  • Aloe vera provides half of the nutricional value and gives 0.4 of saturation
  • its eaten faster than kelp
  • You can  craft it with 8 Aloe Vera and one bottle into Aloe Vera Juice Bottle
  • It gives 0.8 of saturation and 4 nutricional value
  • If you drink the juice while burning it extinguishes the fire


          Sweet bread roll:

  • Crafted with 3 sugar,3 wheat,2 eggs and one milk bucket
  • It will give 4 Bread Rolls
  • each roll provides 6.46 of saturation and gives 5 nutricional points.
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Adds new blocks

Nice mod and ideas :)
Snails look cute, but you could improve the other textures