Published by musiccat2 on Sun, 04/03/2016 - 21:47
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In development
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This Is Mega Craft Adding: (Pls Do Not Use Mod i am updateing to 1.9 and the old one will be incompat)


3 New Picks

3 New Axes

3 New Swords

3 New Shovels


Battery Item

3 Types Of Computer Chips (Green, Red, And Blue: For Crafting Tools)

MegaBurger (Yummy Food Made Of Pure Energy)



EnergyOre (Light Level Of 7)

CompactEnergyBlock (Light Level Of 8)

CompactEnergyBricks (Light Level Of 8)

CompactStyledEnergyBricks (Light Level Of 8)


Energy Armour

Energy Dimension

Energy Thing (Evil Mob) 


Change Log:

2.5-1.9 ReMake Of MegaCraft

HardriveFail-All Mod Files Were Lost

2.4-Added Working AI To Mob (Version To Be Removed When 1.9 Version Is Finished)

2.3-First Downloadable Version (Version Removed)

1.0-2.2-Testing Mod

Planned Updates:

ReMake The Mod For 1.9 Mcreator When It Comes Out (The Mod Will look The Same On The Outside but with be Incompatible with older versions)

Delete All Versions Of MegaCraft 2.4 and lower



Modification files
MegaCraft.jar - MegaCraft V2.4 For 1.8.9 (Do Not Use)Uploaded on: 04/03/2016 - 22:36   File size: 183.4 KB

Pls Stay Up To Date Always Download The Latest Version Of The Mod

Sorry Lost The Mod Files, And It Takes A While to Load In Worlds Other The Super Flat