More Combat 1.0 [1.7.10]

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 The More Combat Mod is a mod specifically for adding combat items. Currently there are 4 Armour Sets and Tools, Wood, Steel, Emerald, and Diam-Sidion (Diamond and Obsidian.) And there is also a magical element too! There are 5 Magical staffs (Fire, Water, Demonic, Druid, and Merlin's) and 1 Magic Wand (Basic Wooden Wand.) There are also many items added, like Mana (for magic) Magic Seeker, Magic Essense, Ancient Essense,

(Wand Only- Explosion, Summon, Feast, Magic Arrow, Speed, and strength  Spells), (Staff only- Nature Spell, Basic Spell) Knowledge Fragment, and Knowledge Tablet.

How to use-

Magic Seeker- Right Click with a book in your inventory to get magic Essense or Knowledge Fragment. To get Ancient Essense right click with Magic Essense in your inventory.

Staffs- Each staff has its own special ability with a spell. Right clicking in the air with mana and a Basic Spell will do a elemental spell. Same thing when you click block with the staff. A Nature spell can only be used with the Druid and Demonic Staff.

Spells- Spells can be recieved when you right click on a Knowledge Tablet. But you can only use spells with their appropriate wands (Basic Spells only work with Basic Wooden Wand, Adv. Spells only work with Adv. Wand, etc.) The spells cost Mana though, so you must have it to do spells.

Wands- Wands are one of the coolest functions in the combat mod. A wand has to have a certain spell to work. (See Spells above) So when you get that spell you can work magic! (WARNING: It is not recomended to have two spells in your inventory at the same time)

Summon Items- Summon Items summon certain entities. Like the Merchant Summon Coin summons a villager.

 Now you know how special items work! To get Recipes please get the  Not Enough Items Mod for 1.7.10. I hope you like this mod and please leave a comment below if you have a question or anyhting else! (PS: If you are a youtuber, I would appreaciate a mod review!)



Version 1.0.0- Launched Full Mod



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