Published by JoaquinIam on Thu, 04/21/2016 - 23:44
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Welcome to the real minecraft! This mod's goal is to little by little, be bigger than any other mods! Even Orespawn! This mod dosn't really focus on anything but, it does add lots of new make sense minecraft stuff like soon, there will be cheese in minecraft if you download this mod! This mod is also completly safe (I made sure) and if you have any suggustions, please be sure to write me a comment on my profile becasue I believe that to make mods better, you have to listen to other people, not just incoperate in whatever you want. Anyways, I hoe you all enjoy my awesome mod!

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"This mod's goal is to little by little, be bigger than any other mods! Even Orespawn!" Well, something made with MCreator won't even get nearly as popular. Experienced Modders (ones who use straight up Java) despise MCreator.

Thanks for the feedback! I am sorry about not posting an update is such a while. I will be making a brand new update to this mod! It should be out in a few weeks! Hope to see you all then!

Hi guys! JoaquinIam here. So since this mod and version of MCreator is VERY outdated, I am going to be starting a new mod all together! Well, its still gonna be called Mine Plus, but it'll be on the latest version, and there will be LOTS more new blocks, mobs, biomes, weapons, tools, and more very soon! Hope you guys can check it out soon! :D