Maleficent World

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Maleficent World

Welcome To the Maleficent World mod. Complete with dangerous mobs, powerful weapons, custom bosses, Delicious Food, and new ores! Maleficent World is a dangerous and absolutely insane mod that will be sure to keep you on your toes! 

Version 2.8  

+ Snake Skin

                    + Yetii hide

                    + Sasquatch weapon

                    + The Red Viper weapon

Version 2.7  

                   + Reaper model changed

                   + Eye lantern block

                   + Bugs involving Cataclysm Snake fixed

Version 2.6  

                   + New texture for Infinity Sword

                   + New texture for granola bar

                   + Cataclysm Snake boss fixed

                   + Yetii boss fixed

                   + Darkogium sword

                   + Darkogium ore(WIP)

                   + Darkogium ingot

                   + Darkogium pickaxe

                   + Darkogium axe

                   + Darkogium block


Version: 2.5 

                   + Cataclysm Snake Boss

                   + Umbra mob

                   + Improved the Sword of the King damage

Version: 2.4 

                   + Yetii boss


Version 2.3

                 + Brute boss

                 + Bone cluster

                 + Bone block


Version 2.2

                 + Awurd mob

Version 2.1

                 + Mech Lob(WIP)

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

Im adding support for this mod to the More Trophies Mod