Rabid Mobs Mod ~Alpha~

Published by Aikralacia on Wed, 06/07/2017 - 17:25
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This is my mod, the Rabid Mobs Mod. This is the first update so expect many glitches. This mod focuses on adding Mobs that I come up with off the top of my head. These mobs usually will have some special items and blocks to go with them. Here is what is in the first update, 0.1.0:

  • Crystal Pig; Spawns in Desert Biomes only
    • Drops Raw Crystal Porkchop; smelt to get Crystal Porkchop
    • Breedable using Crystal Carrots
  • Currently Useless Rainbow Infused Stone and Rainbow Essence
  • Mud Lurker and Twiggle: Lurker spawns in the new Marsh Biome
    • Mud Lurker spawns Twiggle when dying or attack
    • Twiggle chases after you and helps the Mud Lurker
    • Drops Mud Ball and rarely Mud Blocks
  • Running Ore Mobs: Will drop ores and rarely full blocks corresponding with the type, more ores to come
    • Running Coal Ore
      • 2 HP, Very Common
      • Breedable using Coal
    • Running Iron Ore
      • 4 HP, Common
      • Breedable using Iron
    • Running Gold Ore
      • 6 HP, Somewhat Rare
      • Breedable using Gold
    • Running Redstone Ore
      • 6 HP, Somewhat Rare
      • Breedable using Redstone
    • Running Diamond Ore
      • 8 HP, Rare
      • Breedable using Diamonds
    • Running Emerald Ore
      • 9 HP, Very Rare, Extreme Hills Only
      • Breedable using Emeralds


Rabid Mobs 0.1.1: So quick update fixing a lot of issues in the first version-


  • Running Ore Mobs are much rarer now (No longer cover the world)
  • Mud Lurkers and Twiggles now attack you
  • Mud Blocks are craftable
  • Known Bugs:
      • Mud Block and Ball have a weird missing texture (Purple and Block squares)


0.2.0 is coming out soon; it will be released when I fix for this missing textures thing. But, here is the changelog:

  • Clouty
    • When attacked, it will turn into an Angry Clouty an attack you
    • Cloudy Hammer
      • Shoots Bolts
  • Chocolute
    • Acts like Mud Lurker; spawns in Pupcaeks upon death
    • Drops Corrupted Cake
      • Used to make Corrupted Cake armor
        • Pupcaek drops Peaceful Cupcake
          • Used to make Cupcake Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, and Hoe
  • Cursed Anvil
    • We're on Curseforge!
    • Drops Anvils
      • Used to make Anvil Battle Axe
  • 3 new Running Ore Mobs
    • Lapis: 7 Health, All Biomes, Somewhat Rare
    • Quartz: 20 Health, Spawns in Nether, Extremely Common
    • Rainbow Stone: ~No Information Found~
  • Updates to old mobs
    • Running Diamond Ore health increase
      • 20 Health
    • Running Emerald Ore health increase
      • 25 Health
  • New Items/Tools/Blocks
    • Throwable Mud Ball
      • Weapon used by Mud Lurker


Any bugs? Report them in the comments! Thank you!



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Cool mod! Gotta say the Twiggle is my favorite mob, its just so tiny XD. Although maybe you could increase the HP for the diamond and emerald.