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Johnny's Utopia is a mod that adds mobs and new items that those mobs drop, just to give Minecraft a more exotic feel. Here is a list of the current mobs, and don't forget that I am constantly working to add more mobs and items! Also, please note that NONE of the models are 100% done, and most are currently just thrown together as that is going to be the last thing that I focus on. Yes, the fox and lion are pretty bad as it currently stands, but they will evenetually be fixed, don't you worry!

Example: Mob (Spawn Location)

- Lizard (Plains) Drops - Lizard Tail, Leather

- Shark (Ocean) Drops - Shark Skin, Fish

- Fish (Ocean) Drops - Fish, Fish

- Narwhal (Ocean) Drops - Fish, Fish

- Lion (Plains) (Tameable with Bone) Drops - Lion Tooth, Lion Fur

- Fox (Forest) (Tameable with Bone? Possibly, glitchy) Drops - Fur, Fur

- Mini Cerberus (Nether) Drops - Fire Charge, Cerberus Tooth


The current items are as listed:
Shark Skin (Dropped by Sharks), Lizard Tail (Edible, Dropped by Lizards), Cooked Lizard Tail (Edible, Cook Lizard Tail), Fish Food (Non-edible, used to breed fish; crafted with bowl in bottom right, gold nugget bottom middle, bread bottom right and middle right, wheat seeds middle, pumpkin seeds middle left, and sugar top right), Fur (Dropped by Foxes), Cotton Candy (Edible, Crafted by paper bottom left, sugar bottom middle, pink dye middle left, fur middle, middle right, top middle, and top right), Lion Tooth (Dropped by Lions), Lion Fur (Dropped by Lions), Lion Spear (Crafted by EITHER stick bottom left, lion fur middle, lion tooth top right OR arrow bottom left, lion tooth middle left), Cerberus Fang (Dropped by Cerberus), Cerberus Blade (Stronger than diamond sword, crafted by blaze rod bottom left, diamond sword middle, obsidian top left and bottom right, cerberus tooth fang right), Nether Charm (Right click in air to get Fire Resistance for 30 seconds, but ONLY when you have a fire charge in your inventory; consumes fire charge; crafted by ghast tear bottom right and left, cerberus fang middle bottom, gold ingot middle, blaze rod middle right and left, string top middle), Nether Claw (MultiTool; can mine nearly anything very efficently; crafted with cerberus fang top right, left, and middle, and nether obsidian in the rest of squares. More on nether obsidian later.), Nether Throwing Star (Craft by cerberus fang in top middle, bottom middle, middle left and right, arrow middle. Shoots arrow, consumes nether throwing star, places lava), Nether Staff (Right click in air to summon fireball, must have fire charge in inventory, consumes fire charge; crafted by stick bottom left, ender eye middle, top left magma cream, bottom right slime ball, top right cerberus fang. Unlimited uses?), and, finally, Nether Obsidian (Crafted by placing obsidian bottom right and cerberus fang above it).


That is currently what my mod consists of! If you want to see things in action before you actually give it a try, make sure to watch the video below! Also, make sure to tell me of anything that you would like for me to add, I'm open to suggestions! If you find any bugs, please tell me as well! Thank you guys!

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