The Bronze Mod v. 1.1.0,The Cheese and Dark Update

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Update 1.1: A Complete Revamp For Bronze Mod

Update 1.0: The Beginning of The Mod

What's on This Mod?


Copper Ore - Can Be Found In Depth 4 - 80

Stannary Ore - Can be Found in Depth 8 - 85


Bronze - Used to Craft Pretty Strong Armor and Sword

Cheese - A food, No Much Uses Yet, Can Be Combined To make Block

Copper - A Mineral, No Much Uses Yet, Can be Mixed With Stannary to Make Bronze

Stannary - A Mineral, No Much Uses Yet, Can be Mixed With Copper to Make Bronze


Cheese Block - Noobs Would Like It ^_^

Dark Cobble - Used as a Frame for portal to the Scary Dimension

Dark Grass Cube - Dark Variant of Grass

Dark Dirt - Dark Variant of Dirt

Dark Stone - Dark Variant of Stone

Dark Water - Technically a Fluid. Dark Variant of Water

Armors And Tools

Bronze Sword - a Sword With the Same Damage With Diamond Sword but With Lower Durability

Bronze Armors - a Full set Of Armour Made of Bronze

Dark Stick - The Igniter for Portal to the Scary Dimension


Scary Dimension - A dimension. There's a Bug With this Dimension that Hostile Mobs Didn't Spawn here

Knight Zombie - A Mob. A Zombie Variant that Immune To Fire and Holds a Diamond Sword. Obtainable Only by Creative Spawn Eggs

Block of Nether Wart - a Recipe. A Nether Wart Block Can be Craftable back Into 9 Nether Warts.


v. 1.0.0 are Only Compatible With Forge 1.9

You Need TooManyItems Mod About the Recipes.In the Future There'll be a File Contains all Recipes for This Mod


Modification files
the_bronze_mod_v.1.0.0.jar - 1.0.0, 1.9 ONLY!Uploaded on: 08/15/2016 - 07:26   File size: 137.24 KB
the_bronze_mod_v._1.1.0.jar.jar - 1.1.0Uploaded on: 12/30/2016 - 10:13   File size: 128.22 KB

Good News Guys!
I've fix that problem myself! Now I'll be making and updating this mod! Probably next day this mod will be updated ^_^

Sorry, there's a problem with mcreator so that there's still no updates yet. When mcreator is setting up, an error box appears said that mcreator setup are failed. The error log are at
You can also report me how to fix it below or in the link

Guys, I'm back! Sorry for the long delay, because there's a problem with my computer. That problem causes all files in Local Disk (:C) Deleted and the only left are files which is installed when the computer created. I'll Download MCreator sooner, and more updates sooner, see you!