Magical Ingots Version 0.6.0 Released

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This is my first Mod that i made with MCreator i put 5 Hours of effort into it.And i think it is very good for my first mod.

The Mod adds new Tools named "Magical" Tools that are a bit stronger than Diamond!

The Ore can be found on the level of 0 to 26

I would recommend to put "Not Enough Items" with the mod in your mods folder to read the recipes :D.

If you got any Questions then just ask me I will answer them nice and easy.

Also the mod has Custom Achievments that are left down in the Minecraft Achievement Tab.

You can now Infuse Normal Wood to get Magical Wood! (Doesnt Work on Planks)

New things added in 0.6.0:

Infused Coal/ Magical Wood

And Recipe List in the Mod pictures.


Here are some of the bugs that i know are in the mod:

Crystal does not need the fuel. <--- Fixed

- The last Achievement is unobtainable.

Modification files
magicalingots.jar - Magical Ingots V0.5.0Uploaded on: 08/04/2016 - 02:56   File size: 52.82 KB
magicalingots.jar - Magical Ingots V0.6.0Uploaded on: 08/05/2016 - 05:09   File size: 73.33 KB

The New Version is finally out but im going to Expand this mod until it has like 50 Items+! :D

Also to download the mod Download "The Mod itself" in the top right corner. :D