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Ore Bundle

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About the mod

Ore Bundle is a very simple mod - something that you'd except to be made with this software. I mainly created it because i couldn't find a good ore mod that would fit my expectations. It adds 11 new balanced ores to the game, including metal and crystal based ones, along with tool and armor sets for every single one of them. All crystal based ores also have their own decorational block. The mod also adds separate creative tabs for blocks, tools and items. All of the tool sets and armor sets are balanced between each other and with the vanilla ones. Currently, the mod supports Forge 1.12.2 and Forge 1.14.4. The mod doesn't have any sort of a config file, sorry for that. Below you can find full list of available ores. Have fun playing!

Current ore list with short descriptions

*in order of quality - from the worst to the best in general, as of version v4.4.3)

**keep in mind that when it's said that the tools are better, the armor is better too.


Tin - the most common ore, almost seen anywhere. Slightly better than wooden tools. Good for a humble start.

Spawn level: 30-128

Tool durability: 100

Can be mined by: Wooden Pickaxe (and better tools)



Copper - the second most common ore, that you'll see often too. Slightly better than stone tools.

Spawn level: 0-128

Tool durability: 130

Can be mined by: Stone Pickaxe (and better tools)



Bronze - unfindable ore. Craftable with a single Ingot of Tin and Copper. Better than Copper Tools - not in durability, but in efficiency and armor stats. You'll get an advancement for crafting your first ingot.

Tool durability: 130



Lead - uncommon ore, mostly found underground. Better than Iron and Bronze gear.

Spawn level: 0-64

Tool durability: 500

Can be mined by: Iron Pickaxe (and better tools)


Sapphire - a rare ore. Better than Lead and close to Diamond.

Spawn level: 0-32

Tool durability: 800

Can be mined by: Iron Pickaxe, Lead Pickaxe (and better tools)


Topaz - a rare ore. Spawns in higher places than sapphire but in smaller groups. Similar to Sapphire but with better durability.

Spawn level: 0-40

Tool durability: 900

Can be mined by: Iron Pickaxe, Lead Pickaxe, Sapphire Pickaxe (and better tools)



Aquamarine - a rare ore. Similar to Topaz but with better durability (and looks - at least for me).

Spawn level: 0-30

Tool durability: 1000

Can be mined by: Sapphire Pickaxe, Topaz Pickaxe, Diamond Pickaxe (and better tools)



Ruby - a rare ore. Better than Diamond.

Spawn level: 0-16

Tool durability: 2000 

Can be mined by: Sapphire Pickaxe, Topaz Pickaxe, Aquamarine Pickaxe, Diamond Pickaxe (and better tools)



Amethyst - a rare ore that spawns deep underground. Better than Diamond and Ruby.

Spawn level: 0-16

Tool durability: 3000

Can be mined by: Aquamarine Pickaxe, Ruby Pickaxe (and better tools)



Platinum - the rarest overworld ore used to create powerful gear. Spawns relatively high but very rarely. You'll get an advancement for mining your first ore.

Spawns level: 0-30

Tool durability: 5000

Can be mined by: Amethyst Pickaxe (and better tools)



Enderium - pretty common ore, but you can only find it in End dimension. This ore is used to create the most powerful gear. Enderium tools need to be crafted with use of Iron Rods instead of regular wooden sticks. Iron Rods crafting is the same as sticks crafting, but using iron ingots instead of wood blocks. You'll get an advancement for obtaining Enderium.

Spawns level: 16-128

Tool durability: 7000

Can be mined by: Platinum Pickaxe


Modification files
Ore_Bundle_1.12.2_4.4.3.jar - Newest version for 1.12.2549.79 KB
Ore_Bundle_1.14.4_4.4.3.jar - Newest version for 1.14.4596.99 KB

The mod is stable. If you want to check the changelogs, visit the Curse site: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/ore-bundle/files