The Legend Of Zelda (NES) Mod V.1.0.0

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**Disclaimer** The Legend Of Zelda Series and Logo's Belong To Nintendo. I Just Made This For Fun :)



Hello, Everyone! Cody here with another mod, The Legend Of Zelda Mod (NES), This mod is based off the first Legend Of Zelda game. This Mod Contains Almost Everything The Real Video Game Offers (But With HD Textures) 


Also, The Mod Is too Big For The Download so please download it here, sorry for the inconvenience

(click the download on the side to show you downloaded it):


Also Before We Begin, HUGE Thank You To Skytheman32 For Making The Skins For My Mobs. Skytheman32:

Please Go Show Him Some Appreciation, He's A Great Guy And A Great Artist :)


This Mod Contains: 4 Different Armors, 5 Weapons, 12 Mobs, 18 Blocks, 12 Items, 2 Foods/Potions and a Creative Tab :D  (That's 53 Items :O (Not Including recipes)



Link's Armor


Zelda's Armor


Links Armor (Blue)


Links Armor (Red)



Master Sword

(Strikes Lightning On Right Click)


Master Shield






Magic Boomerang







Darknut (Orange/Blue)


Goriya (Orange/Blue)


Moblin (Orange/Blue)


Wizzrobe (Orange/Blue)


Old Man

(When right Clicked, Plays "Its Dangerous To Go Alone" And Gives Wood Sword)


Ganondorf (Boss)



Dirt (retextured)


Green Bricks

Grey Bricks

Blue Bricks

Yellow Bricks

Red Bricks

Purple Bricks


Candle (Red/Blue)


All Blocks





Rupee (Blue)

Rupee (Orange)

Rupee (Green, Retextured Emerald)

Rupee (Red)

Rupee (Purple)

Rupee (Grey)

Red Ring

Blue Ring

Triforce Piece


Heart Canister (Lvl: 1-3

All Items






Health Potion



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what more is there to say about this mod, aside from the fact that ITS AWESOME i mean mabye you could have imported that map into the game but whatevs a few more bosses wepons, and potentialy armor and you goood

Hm. I'm a "Zelda fan" (or so) and this mod looks kinda interesting. Should I give it a try?

@#7 Not really anything else to add...its based off the NES version of Legend of Zelda and I pretty much covered everything, I'm planning on making another LOZ mod soon but IDK when :)

Good mod. Textures with high amount of pixels don't really fit Minecraft, but overall there's a lot of great content. You keep making better and better mods, keep up the great work ;)