Friendly Mobs for MC 1.10.2

Published by Jaxfirebus on Thu, 09/22/2016 - 00:38
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Peace and Love on the planet earth. Mobs in the Overworld are peaceful creatures, However beware the Nether and the End.

This mod introduces "Happiness Energy" which is dropped by the formerly hostile mobs of the Overworld.

Right Click on them while satisfying their requirements to have a chance of gaining Happiness Energy (You can also HOLD right click)



They don't explode, Right-clicking them from a Distance doesn't really yield much of a chance of dropping the Energy.

However, get very close to them, at Hugging distance, and their Happiness Energy Production will increase by 5x!



They are the Creeper's Opposite in this mod, Right-clicking them from the max distance you can while still being close enough to interact gives a 3% chance of dropping Happiness Energy.

However, Violate their personal space and they will NOT yield any at all. (They wielded bows in Vanilla, so it makes sense they don't want anyone invading their personal space.)



Pumpkins are a Player's best friend with these things, For some reason they just don't like your face.

However, cover it up and interact with them and you'll have an 8% chance of getting Happiness Energy.



Let's hope you aren't a COMPLETE Pacifist if you wanna make friends with these guys. Because you HAVE to kill an animal

or at least harvest the remains of a dead one, and feed them raw meat. Each Raw Meat produces a 25% chance of dropping Happiness Energy.



Like Zombies, You'll either have to kill something or wait for them to die. In this case, you need Flies.

Which can be obtained from Rotten Flesh.

It wields the same Happiness Energy output as Zombies however.



Ran out of ideas for this one so i just made it a Friendly Creeper Clone.



Happiness Energy can be used for one very important thing, Duplication of Valuable Ores.

Coal (and charcoal), Iron, Gold, Diamonds. All of these things can be duplicated using Happiness Energy, with a catch.

The more valuable the Ore, the more Happiness Energy is needed.

You only need 3 Happiness Energy per Coal/Charcoal duplication.

You need Solid Happiness Energy for Iron Duplication, which Solid Happiness Energy can be crafted the same way Iron is turned into a Block, but with Happiness Energy.

You need a Block of Bliss for Gold Duplication, which you can make with 9 Solid Happiness Energy.

Diamonds however are the most costly. You need a Block of Love, which costs 9 Blocks of Bliss.

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