DinoHybrids 2.0

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Welcome to the All new, remade DinoHybrids, 2.0! I remade this mod with completely new creatures and features! I am making the creatures and models as I implement them in, right now there's a Trilobite, Mammoth, and Archelon! Check out my website every once in while, here's the link: http://eternalblitzgames.wix.com/dinohybrids2 I post teasers on there every once in a while for a new creature in the upcoming update!

Modification files
DinoHybrids2_v.1.2.jarUploaded on: 12/22/2016 - 19:16   File size: 286.34 KB
DinoHybrids2_v1.1.jarUploaded on: 12/22/2016 - 19:16   File size: 75.96 KB

The none-commenting Starts right after i post this, and it ends tomorrow. (for this mod, not for other mods. unless the person is updating theres to.)

@#7.1.1 Coming Monday the 4th, is the brand new update 1.3! featuring new creatures, AND New structures! It's called the Discovery Update! Find Literal fossil remains of the omegasaurs, dinosaurs from a different planet, which one of them WILL be in this update! Discover other ancient villages and buildings that show how the omegasaurs came to be! This update isn't too large in terms of new stuff, but will be very exciting with new biomes and other stuff!

@# now dude, I'd LOVE to put in planet minecraft, but unfortunately, I can't, and the reason is completely stupid, because I made the mod with mcreator, I can't post it on planet minecraft, i've tried it before with dinohybrids 1.0, and planetminecraft rejected it. Someone seriously needs to fix that.