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It has been more than 5 years since I created this mod. While it has its flaws, I am still proud of it and consider it to be a pretty decent mod, especially for what both I and MCreator were capable of at the time. I noticed that it has gained downloads since I last checked (over 1000, which I guess is a milestone), and is still occasionally recommended on this site. As people are clearly still looking at this, I figured I should finally get around to changing the project status, as the project has not been "in development" since 2017, and offer some sort of explanation for the future.

So why am I here?

Armed with a newer MCreator version, actual Java knowledge, and an extra braincell, I have returned to create a new mod, much larger and more polished than this one (and hopefully without as many game-breaking bugs), that will still include many of this mod's core features. It will be updated to 1.18.2, and will (eventually) contain a massive amount of endgame content, the slightest quantum of game balance, and one or two actually functional energy systems, while retaining the technology, humor, and general spirit of overkill of Minecraft++.

Development towards this new project will only last as long as my attention span and other responsibilities allow. I may never get the project to a point where I feel it is worthy of being published. That being said, I will try to throw at least something out there, hopefully better than Minecraft++, that people actually feel like playing. I might even continue my MOTW streak, you never know.

Until then, feel free to download this mod for whatever reason.

Yes, RRF is a poorly implemented global variable that can be easily abused. There is no Ore Dictionary capability whatsoever. The Singularity Storage Unit doesn't work as advertised. Epaxitite will lock you in an infinite death loop if keepInventory is on. The Redstone RRF Generator makes way more power than it's supposed to. The Nether Star Generator, Bedrock Extractor, and Understone Tools are ridiculously overpowered. Almost nothing has a GUI. And a lot of the textures are terrible or just straight up weird.

Play it anyway. Break things. Find even more bugs. And if you ever do beat the game legit, by successfully reaching the Underworld without having an aneurysm due to being repeatedly slaughtered by the naturally spawning ludicrous-speed boss with more health than the Wither, let me know. (I'm not even sure if it's possible.)

The remainder of this description will be left as-is for posterity, even if it does hurt to read some parts.

Good luck, and have fun. Thanks for playing.




1.3 is out!


Thank you people for downloading! We have now hit almost 450 downloads!

If you have suggestions, write a comment or something. Thanks! I appreciate new ideas. :D

Currently I have suspended working on the mod... if anyone can give me a really good idea I will definitely add it.



1.3 update - adds a lot of new tools. It came out now! YEAH

1.3 pre-release 1 is out. :D

1.2 update - fixes crafting, adds new dimensions, etc.

1.1.1 update - adds a few new things, like the bedrock extractor and promethium stuff. And a new dimension.


This isn't exactly a mod that will kill you. (Well, it might if you hold energium for too long...) Just make you overpowered. And all those little things, like an automatic cobble generator that is way easier than trapping a wither. This mod adds in a new kind of power system, that will probably help out a lot. It allows you to store items easier and make way better tools than diamond. And kill physics and stuff.

Mod List



  • Quartz Ore now generates in the overworld. Drops 4 nether quartz and some XP. Generates 0-256, 8/4.
  • Added Nickel Ore. Drops 1 Nickel Pellets. Generates 0-64, 6/12.
  • Added Copper Ore. Smelts into Copper Ingot. Generates 0-64, 8/12.
  • Added Tin Ore. Smelts into Tin Ingot. Generates 0-64, 12/8.
  • Added Energium Ore. Explodes on redstone signal, or when destroyed by another explosion. Explosion power: 8. Troll your friends... JK you can't pick it up. (That's what the TNT I added is for.) Drops 1 Energium Crystal. Generates 0-16, 7/4.
  • Added Voidstone. As hard as obsidian. Makes a portal to the Void. Generates 0-5 (bedrock level), 30/30.
  • Added Ethylene. It is basically natural ethylene gas. It can't be broken. (Because it's a gas.) Right-click it with a bucket to pick up. Generates 0-256, 8/8.
  • Added Salt. Wow! Drops 4 salt (the item). Generates 0-256, 10/10.
  • Added Epaxitite Ore. Drops 1 Epaxitite Crystal. Only generates in the Crystal Dimension.




  • RRF - Stands for Redstone Radiation Flux. Used as a form of wireless power to machines.
  • Machine Frame - The basis for all machines.
  • Passive RRF Generator - Slowly generates RRF.
  • Redstone RRF Generator - Generates RRF when hooked up to a redstone clock.
  • Energium RRF Generator - Uses energium crystals as fuel. Generates 5-10 kRRF. 
  • Epaxitite RRF Generator - Uses epaxitite crystals as fuel. Generates 15-30 kRRF. 
  • Singularity Inductor - Put any item in the slot and it will be compressed into a singularity. Uses 100 kRRF.
  • Singularity Storage Unit - This storage unit is a lot like the DSU from MineFactory Reloaded. Or a lot of other mods that have the same thing. But it's actually better. It can store multiple types of items. It has 256 different slots, each can hold over 2 billion items of the same type. If you put a hopper with the 5 different items in it, it will automatically fill up the right kinds. Useful.
  • Nether Infuser - This block has some complicated stuff in it. It basically spawns wither skeletons, decapitates them, uses their skulls to summon a tiny wither, kills it instantly, and gives you the nether star. This uses a lot of power. It will constantly drain 10 kRRF / tick. (Tip. Unless you are actively generating at least 10 kRRF / tick, don't even place it down.) The nether stars pop out the top. However, due to spawning properties there is only a 10% chance that it makes a nether star.
  • Block Breaker - Breaks the block below it. Drops come out the top. Uses 1 RRF / tick.
  • Block Breaker (Reinforced) - Breaks the 10 blocks below it. Drops come out the top. Uses 10 RRF / tick.
  • Bedrock Extractor - Since bedrock can't be broken in survival, then it must have infinite density. Therefore, it has infinite material in it. With the Bedrock Extractor, you can pull materials directly out of the bedrock. Uses 1000 RRF / tick.


Other Blocks:


  • Nickel Block
  • Copper Block
  • Tin Block
  • Steel Block
  • Bronzium Block
  • High Energy TNT™ - Just add a TNT to gunpowder, coal powder, and an energium crystal! Explodes with 8x the power of regular TNT! Just apply a redstone signal! We are not responsible for lost TNT, gunpowder, coal powder, energium crystals, limbs, lives, bases, etc. See store for details.
  • Compressed Cobblestone - A way to store cobblestone better. Currently goes up to quintuple compressed cobblestone.
  • Understone - It is almost a sentient block. If you try and break it, it will try and kill you. So stop it. (Unfortunately it is a required item to make some of the more powerful tools.)




  • Nickel Pellets
  • Nickel Ingot
  • Enriched Iron
  • Coal Powder
  • Steel Blend
  • Darksteel Ingot
  • Redstone Coil
  • Redstone Wave Dilator
  • Singularity
  • Energium Crystal
  • Copper Ingot
  • Tin Ingot
  • Bronze Blend
  • Bronze Ingot
  • Bronzium Blend
  • Bronzium Ingot
  • Salt
  • Electrolytic Catalyst
  • Polymerization Catalyst
  • PVC Pellets - use the polymerization catalyst.
  • PVC Sheets - smelt PVC pellets.
  • Radiation-proof Lining - used in hazmat suit. Protects from radioactivity.
  • Ethylene Bucket - A gas. (Cannot be poured)
  • Chlorine Bucket - Another gas. Made from salt. (Cannot be poured)
  • Redstone Pearl - 3 tiers. Uses a lot of redstone.
  • Epaxitite Crystal - the radiation will instakill you.


Tools / Armor:


  • RRF Monitor - Shows the RRF levels in the area.
  • Inventory Hammer - Breaks items down into dust.
  • Darksteel Tools - they're ok and also are required for the more powerful bronzium/understone tools.
  • Darksteel Armor - gives effects and blocks fall damage.
    • Helmet - Night Vision
    • Chestplate - Resistance
    • Leggings - Speed
    • Boots - No fall damage
  • Bronzium Armor - gives better effects and allows flight.
  • Understone Tools - the best tools you can get... they have 1,000,000,000 durability and an insane speed/damage.
  • Hazmat Suit - a new type of armor, when you wear a full set you are protected from radiation effects. MAKE THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
    • Doesn't protect from energium shards / dust YET. But the effects of the crystals are so bad you'll need this.


Dust Materials:


  • Iron
  • Coal
  • Nickel
  • Darksteel
  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Obsidian
  • Energium




  • The Rift - Your original entrance to the rest of the undiscovered dimensions. Portal block is a compressed nether star block. Trigger is the "A rip in the space-time continuum." lol
  • The Void - End-like generation, just a bunch of voidstone in the middle of literally nowhere. Good for testing, skyblock-like stuff. (Get flight armor ASAP) Portal block is voidstone. Trigger is the Void Crystal.
  • The Crystal Dimension - Full of ice and stuff. It's way above the world, so it gets very cold up there and that's why everything is made of ice. Generates epaxitite ore. Portal block is diamond blocks. Trigger is antigravity feather. (You will need to go to The Rift first)
  • The Underworld - Not the nether, just under the world... lol Anyway, has a lot of understone. Portal block is quintuple compressed cobblestone. Trigger is the pocket-sized black hole. (Again, you need to go to the crystal dimension before you can get here.)




  • The Darkness - the first boss. Very fast. Spawns normally. Holds 2 darksteel swords. Drops voidstone. 400 health.
  • The Error Mob - the second boss. Spawns normally. Drops 1 %%%ERROR%%% and singularities. 500 health.
  • The Sentient Block - the third boss. Spawns out of an egg, which can be crafted. Drops quantum-distorted stone (for now). 600 health.


You probably will need to download something for the recipes (at least temporarily).

If you want to put this in a modpack or whatever, go ahead, you don't need to ask or anything (just give me credit). 

This mod is a work in progress, I am publishing this as a finished version but I will add more later. Have fun! :D

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I've made some RRF in a world, then I made a new world and I had all tge RRF that I made in the other world

Dude awesome mod! I am really impressed with the mechanical aspect of it. I am new to Mcreator so I want to know how the block breaker is made

@#18 well if you want to do the variable setup it would be a bit more complicated, but basically on the block update tick it will automatically remove the block underneath it. What I did is it would only work if a certain variable was true, otherwise it would do nothing... that's just the thingy at the top when you are adding the event that says In All Cases, or whatever. Just change to say if one variable is greater than a number or something like that :D

cool! how did you make these amazing textures? and the GUI *i think that's one XD)

Late response, but this mod is awesome. The use of Variables in the mod make it one of the more unique on the website as most other Mods do not use Variables. I love the integration of a new power system and What i love the most is you, the Author utilizing MCreator in such a magnificent way. Good work again, hope to see more from you.

How? How do you make generating power that can travel from one block to another block to power it???? I didnt even think that was possible in mcreator!

Here is a mod review for your mod made by me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lirK97uVxk
I also found a way to get lots of power!

@#11 as of version 1.2 you need to put it in yourself, and if there is not 100,000 RRF then the item will just be deleted. I am trying to make the hopper system work in 1.3.