Props mod, By LeeTG3.

Published by LeeTG3 on Sat, 12/17/2016 - 05:32
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Version 0.0.2 - Added some stuff, fixed some bugs.

Hello, I am LeeTG3 and I wanted to create a mod for Gmod, but I didn't know how to convert OBJ to MDL, so I made a minecraft mod instead!! This mod adds props or models but also some blocks and items aswell, it was made for purely aesthetic reasons, but you can do what you like with it. I have used Mcreator as I am still learning to code, so some functional items may not have as good quality as you may expect

So far it has only a few things:

Customite:    An ore found in the world used to customize items.

Customite essence:  You need this to customize blocks.

Limestone:  A block made with stone and lime dye.

Cracked Limestone:  A block made with either lime dye and cobble.

Mossy Limestone:  A block made with limestone and vines.

Limestone Bricks:  A block made by smelting limestone.

Mossy Limestone Bricks:  A block made with limestone bricks and vines.

Cracked Limestone Bricks:  A block made by smelting limestone bricks

Chiseled Limestone Bricks:  A block made by crafting 4 limestone bricks together.

Computer:  A prop made with cobblestone, iron and a redstone torch. Customized with moss: 


You have permission to do what you want with this mod but you are not allowed to take my textures. :)


I will continue to update this mod with new content as long as possible.

By LeeTG3

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