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WARNING: Please, report in the comments if there are any mistakes, because English isn't my country language.

If you are looking for the mod, that is about technologies, but easier than IndustrialCraft, then this mod is for you!

Search the titanium ore and discover the secrets of science! Create incredible tools and guns and be the king of the world!



Look in downloaded file! There will be some pictures!


1.1.0 Jetpack Update

  •  Added Jetpack (Technological Body) Press C to enable/disable levitation
  • Changed texture for night vision helmet and overpowered boots
  • Tube changed to Pipe
  • Night Vision Helmet changed to Technological Helmet
  • Overpowered Boots changed to Technological Boots
  • Changed craft for Technological Boots
  • Changed craft for Titanium Ingot
  • Increased titanium ore spawning rarity
  • Fixed Nano bandage (Now it heals much more)
  • Fixed Pump tool (Now it can't break bedrock)
  • Battery is now needed to craft Oxygen and Vacuum spheres

1.0.0 Alpha Release (Just first release)

Want to add:

  • Mercury and Pluto
  • Mercurium and Plutonium
  • Strange Jelly
  • New tools, weapons


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