Tam's Chemistry

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Requires GeckoLib

I am still working on making more things for this mod, so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments or on the curseforge issues page.

This is a mod that adds chemistry of varying levels of simplicity to Minecraft. The levels of simplification and accuracy vary from item to item, some being mostly accurate and others being wildly simplified. My sources for this mod include: Wikipedia, Wikipedia, Wikipedia and Wikipedia. (I'm lazy okay)

Recipes, Credits and Known bugs on the wiki. I am realising right now that when it comes to recipes, this mod is kinda buggy so please report any errors and I'll fix them.


  • Multiple new ores and materials.
  • New weapons and tools including paint, a thermite flamethrower, a railgun, a hoverbike and more.
  • New workspaces and blocks.
  • New food items
  • A new villager profession.
Modification files
Tams_Chemistry_1.0_Release_Patch.jarUploaded on: 06/27/2023 - 04:48   File size: 2.53 MB
Tams_Chemistry_1.1_Release.jarUploaded on: 07/01/2023 - 03:35   File size: 2.99 MB


  • Block observer
  • Redstone as input for the molecular destructor
  • Holographic Projector
  • Lightning Inducer
  • Laser emitters and Lasers
  • Blast shield
  • Germinator Block
  • Aluminium Block
  • Thermite charge and remote detonator
  • Tool tips
  • Galvanized Steel



  • Made painkillers and antibiotics stack
  • Updated many item textures to either be more realistic or more stylized



  • Added recipe for brass

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/MCreator/) and Twitter page (https://twitter.com/PyloDEV).

With the workstations, maybe use the new MCreator update to make a custom villager profession!