Technological Expanse

Published by guardtown4 on Fri, 07/23/2021 - 20:46
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Technological Expanse

Tech galore!

Includes 580 mod elements worth of:

-8 different machines, with 4 different tiers!

-Ore doubling.. tripling... quintupling!

-2 new dimensions!

-Lucky blocks in item form!


-5 new sets of armor and tools!

-Over 100 advancements!

Technological Expanse, as the name suggests, is a tech-centered mod. It includes a lot of machinery, processing and promotes increasing your efficiency and speed. Be warned.

...And yes, the faces on the machines are intentional.

--Recipes Guide--

Technological Expanse has quite a few recipes and not all of them are crafting. The document below showcases every recipe in the mod.






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Interesting mod! I like, that it isn't super complex, and you can easily understand how it works, while being filled with a ton of blocks and mechanisms. Good job!