IRP Mod [1.10.2] [Tech, Ores, Combat & more!]

Published by RaliusNL on Tue, 10/25/2016 - 19:22
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This is my first mod that i publish. It's going to be a mod with many different themes. However, i want it to be a mostly Technology-and PvP themed mod. A wiki is coming soon. Please put your suggestions in the comments, even if its not po possible with MCreator, im gonna try it, because i wanna learn Java script.


Tip: Use NotEnoughItems or GuideBook for the recipes, they're sometimes not that easy!!


Recipes/Blocks&Items info: (Click show spoiler)

Copper Cable:

Top Layer: Iron, Iron, Iron

Middle Layer: Copper, Redstone, Copper

Bottom Layer: Iron, Iron, Iron


Display Screen:

Top Layer: Iron, Iron, Iron

Middle Layer: Iron, Any Stained Glass Pane, Iron

Bottom Layer: Iron, Stone Button, Iron


Basic Engine:

Top Layer: Iron, Iron, Copper Cable

Middle Layer: Iron, Redstone, Iron

Bottom Layer: Copper Cable, Iron, Iron


Day/Night Changer Engine: (Right click the block to open a GUI to change the time!)

Top Layer: Iron, Iron, Display Screen

Middle Layer: Iron, Clock, Copper Cable

Bottom Layer: Iron, Basic Engine, Iron


Teleporter: (Right click the block to open a GUI to teleport around!)

Top Layer: Iron, Iron, Display Screen

Middle Layer: Iron, Enderpearl, Copper Cable

Bottom Layer: Iron, Basic Engine, Iron



C'mon you can figure this out yourself :)



Planned Versions: (Click show spoiler)

1.2 (The Climatic Update); This update adds in lots of new biomes, aswell as some new Tech-stuff and Mobs

1.3 (The Galactic Update); This update adds tons of new dimensions, blocks and Tech-stuff. (Planned Dimensions are: Moon, Venus, Daemon)

1.3.1 (The Update that Fixed the World); Lots of changes, better stuff and fixes

1.4 (The Gun Update); Guns, Guns, Guns, Guns, Ammo, And lots of other weapons



Changelog: (Click show spoiler)


Version 1.1.1:


  • Added Teleporter

  • Changed the rarity of Malachite Ore to 13 (Previously 6)

  • Changed the rarity of Jasper Ore to 13 (Previously 6)



  • Added Malachite Armor (Full set)

  • Changed texture of Emerald Armor to a more light-green variant



  • Fixed damage dealing of all swords




  • Fixed damage dealing of all tools



  • Malachite ore will now generate

  • Amethyst Sword now has the abilities of a sword, in the previous update it was basically a pickaxe


Version 1.1 (The Basic PvP Update)


  • Added Emerald Armor (Full set)

  • Added Sapphire Armor (Full set)

  • Added Ruby Armor (Full set)

  • Added Jasper Armor (Full set)

  • Added Amethyst Armor (Full set)



  • Added Emerald Sword

  • Added Sapphire Sword

  • Added Ruby Sword

  • Added Jasper Sword

  • Added Malachite Sword

  • Added Amethyst Sword



  • Added Emerald Pickaxe

  • Added Sapphire Pickaxe

  • Added Ruby Pickaxe

  • Added Amethyst Pickaxe

  • Added Emerald Axe

  • Added Sapphire Axe

  • Added Ruby Axe

  • Added Amethyst Axe

  • Added Emerald Spade

  • Added Sapphire Spade

  • Added Ruby Spade

  • Added Amethyst Spade


Version [1.10.2] (The Gem Update)


  • Added Jasper Ore

  • Added Malachite Ore



  • Added Jasper Gem

  • Added Malachite Gem


Version 1.0.2 [1.10.2] (The Gem Update)


  • Added Amethyst Ore

  • Added Sapphire Ore

  • Added Ruby Ore



  • Added Ruby Gem

  • Added Sapphire Gem

  • Added Amethyst Gem



  • Fixed glitch where all items and blocks had the unknown texture in the inventory


Version 1.0.1 [1.10.2]


  • Added Copper Ore

  • Added Basic Engine

  • Added Day/Night Changer Engine



  • Added Copper Ingot

  • Added Copper Cable

  • Added Display Screen



Modification files
irpmod_v1.1.1_mc1.10.2.jar - (v1.1.1) The IRP Mod for MC 1.10.2 [Recommended]248.72 KB
irpmod_v1.1_mc1.10.2.jar - (v1.1) The IRP Mod for MC 1.10.2 (Warning, many glitches!)225.42 KB
irpmod_v1.0.2.1_mc1.10.2.jar - (v1.0.2.1) The IRP Mod for MC 1.10.2114.8 KB
irpmod_v1.0.2_mc1.10.2.jar - (v1.0.2) The IRP Mod for MC 1.10.2 98.52 KB

This update is version 1.1. It adds Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst and Jasper Armor. It also adds Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Malachite and Jasper tools/swords

Cool mod. But don't use vanilla named for updtaes... The combat update is minecraft 1.9...