Ultra Mobs and Bosses

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This is the second time posting this mod, due to it being deleted once. I got that most likely resulved, with me discovering that it might of had to due with the picture. Anyway, this mod adds in a bunch of mobs and bosses. It is full of surprises. Feel free to do a mod showcase. You don't even have to leave a link for me to see, just give me credit. I have spent a little while on the textures for the next update.SECRET UPDATE!!! I decided to update early. Feel free to rate the mod what you see fit. Also be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel, where I might do sneak peaks of the new versions of my mods.


1. Eye See You - 40 hp, weak

2. Eye Slime - 15 hp, weakest

3. Blood Demon - 250 hp, strong

4. The Blueling Man - 150 hp, Strong

5. Ghostly Fire - 460 hp, Strong, Defensive, Leaves fire where it lands after leaping into the air.

6. Water Goblin - 1000 hp, Strong, Moderate Defence

7. The Glitch Boss - 2500 hp, Strong

8. Jetpack Wolf - 3300 hp, Strong, VERY FAST

9. Mutant Zombie - 4535 hp, STRONG

10. UFO - 10,000 hp, STRONG

11. Silenced Silencer - 20,595 hp, STRONG

12. Ranger The Ranger - 505 hp, weak

13. Craby - 15 hp, passive

14. Golden Chicken - 20 hp, passive

Swords - 7

Ranged Weapons - 1

Armor - 2 sets

Structures: 8

Try to find them all!

Blocks: 18


Update Log

Update Log:

Version 1.0.0 - Released On       7 February 2017

This is v 1, so it is slightly small, but I have plans. 

Version 1.0.1 - Released on       8 February 2017

Version 1.0.2 - Released on       11 February 2017



Credit Goes to Slenderman5 AND OR GamesRuleYears

Unfortunately, MCreator deleted this mod from existence in my workspace, so I am unable to update this mod ever again, unless I download a clean copy of MCreator and completely start from scratch. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am unhappy with the way MCreator is starting to be. They are refining stuff by adding errors. This is completely unacceptable in my opinion.

Modification files
ultramobsmod.jar - Version 1.0.0Uploaded on: 02/07/2017 - 23:10   File size: 151.03 KB
ultramobsandbosses.jar - Version 1.0.1Uploaded on: 02/08/2017 - 23:30   File size: 269.77 KB
ultramobsandbosses.jar - Version 1.0.2Uploaded on: 03/04/2017 - 06:39   File size: 334.46 KB

If you want villagers to spawn in your town schematic, why not create a button/painting-looking-item that when rightclicked summons a villager then dissapears?

It could also be crafted, that way you could also make your own towns... :D just suggestion.

Also, mind if I suggest a boss that can shoot projetiles/fly?

@#1 I found out later they actually do. I didn't know exactly if they did or not so I had just assumed that they didn't. Later on, I spawned in a superflat world directly next to it. I was amazed because it is so incredibly rare. It did in fact have the villagers. I also can't seem to get my structures to spawn the spawners nor can I get them to spawn the boss spawner. I will also take your first suggestion into consideration and will definitely do the second one about the ranged boss.