Sniper Rifle Mod

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Sniper Rifle Mod contains a sniper rifle and a sniper rifle bullet. These two items combined are a monster machine. You can kill mobs easily with a weapon that this mod has to contain.

Crafting a sniper rifle is great as long as you have the items for it.
You will need 2 iron bars on the right middle and middle side of the crafting table.
Then you place a glass block on top middle of the crafting table.
Next, you place a dispenser next to the iron bars.
Lastly you place a stick right bottom side of the crafting table.

Crafting a sniper rifle bullet is easier to remember.
You will place 2 gold bars in the middle and middle bottom.
Just lastly you will place an iron nugget on top of the gold.

I hope you enjoyed the mod even though it does not have many items, just two.

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