River City Ransom Minecraft Edition

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In development
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This is a mod based on the 1989 River City Ransom game on NES. MCreator has a block rotation problem, so just build from north and south directions. Let me know how this mod is. Im going to make a video soon showing off the features and a demo level.

List of items:

  1. Boxes
  2. Tires (block and weapon)
  3. Chain (weapon)
  4. Wooden Bat
  5. Metal Bat
  6. Lockers (fits up to 6 items)
  7. Air Vent
  8. Post/Cork Boards
  9. Rocks (block and weapon)
  10. Donut (more flavors soon)
  11. Bagel
  12. Coffee
  13. Tea
  14. Boiled Egg
  15. Sushi
  16. Salmon
  17. Breakfast foods
  18. Mobs/Gang members (Generic Dudes, Frat Guys, and Jocks)
  19. Bosses with be added in future updates
  20. and more

More will be added in alpha 2

Modification files