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This mode adds: + 1 armor, +1 ore, + one weapon, + 1 block, + 1 food.

It is my first mod on Mcreator so it's logic if there are some glitch or errors.

There are the ingots of the end that are created with an iron ingot and an eye of the end.


you can craft the end stuff with the ingots of the end but the stuff has a simple stuff texture with purple color.


For the cheeseburger recipe you need to place 2 bread, 1 on middle top and 1 on the other side and a cooked beef on the center of the crafing table.

With this you will be able to create many other things like the distributor of the end which gives pearls of the end when one clicks on it.


I am going to make a better V2.0.

I'm sorry but I can not create mob.

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enderpartyfight-forge-1.10.2.jar - The download File.Uploaded on: 02/19/2017 - 16:38   File size: 36.13 KB