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Project Ovisinous

Version – 1.0.0

Added – Volucent ore

Added – volucent ore sound

Added – Volucent ingot

Added – volucent block

Added – volucent sword

Added – volucent pickaxe

Added – volucent spade

Added – volucent axe

Added – volucent hoe

Added – volucent helmet

Added – volucent chestplate

Added – volucent leggings

Added – volucent boots

Added – smelting recipes for armor and tools to volucent ingot

Version – 1.0.3

Removed - volucent ore sound

Version – 1.0.5

Moved – volucent sword location

Fixed - volucent sword damage value

Fixed - volucent pickaxe efficiency

Fixed – volucent spade efficiency

Fixed – volucent axe efficieny

Version – 1.0.6

Added – darkstone ore

Added – darkstone

Added – darkstone block

Added – darkstone recipes

Added – darkstone sword

Added – darkstone heavysword

Added – darkstone greatsword

Added – darkstone pickaxe

Added – darkstone spade

Added – darkstone axe

Added – darkstone hoe

Added – darkstone helmet

Added – darkstone chestplate

Added – darkstone leggings

Added – darkstone boots

Added – darkstone nugget

Added – volucent nugget

-             Austin Sterling


Modification files
ovisinous_-_1.0.6.jarUploaded on: 03/15/2017 - 20:12   File size: 185.07 KB

The reason I had to stop working on my MCreator mods is because I bought a 4k monitor and MCreator had an issue where the gui was broken. There was a fix for it in the settings, but it still didn't work. Finally this update fixed that issue. I simply ask the MCreator team to add a resolution option in the next update for people like me who have too large of a monitor.