Water Bottles

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This is a simple mod that adds 3 Water Bottles into the game. what more did you expect?


Has your mom ever told you to stay hydrated? well, drinking water from this mod gives you a Regeneration benefit for staying healthy and staying away from soda and cake.

Crafting: If you want to make a bottle of water, you need to make a empty bottle first. To make this, make a normal glass bottle, but with panes of glass and on the top of the grid instead of the bottom. You can also smelt a glass block in a furnace if you're in a rush, but using panes gives you more bottles per glass. to make a Bottle of water, place a Empty Bottle on the bottom, a Water Bucket in the middle, and a red/lime/light blue dye on top. using a Red dye gives you a Red Bottle, Green gives you a Green bottle, etc.


Changelog: 1.0.1: Infinity Water! use a gold ingot instead of dye, and it fills up the entire hunger bar! consumed waters now return their bottle after consumption.

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