GenCraft: Bountiful Release

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In development
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GenCraft ​is a mod that adds resource automation and gathering through machines! The machines automatically produce the specified resources as theyre built for.


​{OverWorld Machines}

  • Iron Generator
  • Gold Generator
  • Diamond Generator
  • Emerald Generator

​​{Nether Machines}

  • Glowstone Generator
  • Quartz Generator
  • ​Nether Star Generator

​​{End Machines}

  • WIP

​[Machine Boards]

​​{Base Boards}

  • Iron Board
  • World Interaction Board
  • ​Nether Board
  • Nether Interaction Board
  • ​Upgrade Module

​{OverWorld Boards}

  • Iron Redstone Board
  • ​Gold Redstone Board
  • Diamond Redstone Board
  • ​Emerald Redstone Board

​​{Nether Boards}

  • Glowstone Redstone Board
  • ​Quartz Redstone Board
  • ​Nether Star Board

​{End Boards}

  • WIP
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