Unkown World Of Trouble

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so many new places to find, a desert dimension to go to, and mining harder then ever: I know some of the blocks in this mod look like well normal Minecraft blocks, that's because they're the unstable version of the block, like sand, for example, is unstable in a way of speaking and it falls down that's the type of unstable that I mean, so harder mining! That's good right?.. also in the  desert dimension there is spawners everywhere and its always night but there is always light, there is also a few blocks this adds so far that Minecraft doesn't have, it also adds 4 flowers so far, and seven structures! if you find any bugs please report them to me, also I love feedback and ideas for my mods so go ahead and give me some!! thanks for reading all that I have to say and checking out my mod please download it! thank you and good day! Also, you are not allowed to repost this mod or edit it even for just your self, you can not take any credit for my mod, you may not claim it as your own at all! - titansurvival                   

​hey, guys, I thought you would like to know that I made a website it's not done yet but it will have the oldest and the latest versions of my mods and books here's a link!: https://titansurvival.weebly.com

 also, guys if you got ideas just tell me and I may do a remake of this mod(I lost its data)(so it may be completely different when I am done)

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unkown_world_of_trouble.jar - oldest version: beta release 0.0.1174.56 KB
unkown_world_of_trouble.jar - second oldest version: beta release 0.0.2199.01 KB
unkown_world_of_trouble.jar - third oldest version: beta release 0.0.3216.04 KB
unkown_world_of_trouble.jar - newest version: beta release 0.0.4243.86 KB

Maybe make an unstable end/nether, or maybe an unstable ocean or another biome.