Dark age

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  1. dark age mod

    dark age  4,5  forge 2702

    green is for wood tools
    yellow is for stone tools
    red is for iron and diamonds tools

    red : dark blue ore  hardness 2 
    red : water cobblestone hardness 2 
    red : water stone hardness 2 
    red : water brickstone hardness 2 
    green : dust wood  hardness 1 
    red : hard gless hardness 3 
    red : wood machine hardness 2
    red : poison ore hardness 2 
    green : shadow oak hardness 1
    green : light leaves hardness 1
    green : shadow wood hardness 1 
    red : void stone hardness 3 ( this look like error but it not )
    green : ice flame hardness 0.01( hurt ) 
    red : poison iyy hardness 2 ( hurt ) 
    red : dark matter cobblestone hardness 3
    red : dark matter stone hardness 3
    red : dark matter brickstone hardness 3
    red : dark ore hardness 3
    red : flame stone hardness 4 
    red : flame cobblestone hardness 4
    red : flame brickstone hardness 4 
    red : dark blue iron bars hardness 4 
    red : hard cobblestone hardness 4
    red : hard stone hardness 4
    red : hard brickstone hardness 4
    green : younger oak hardness 2
    green : younger leaves hardness 1
    green : younger wood hardness 2 
    green : long gress hardness 0.01 
    red : blood ore hardness 4 
    red : dark diamond block hardness 3 
    green : wither flower hardness 0.01 ( hurt )
    red : dark light ore hardness 3
    green : cacaoplant hardness 0.01 
    green : mine stone hardness 2
    green : mine cobblestone hardness 2
    green : mine brickstone hardness 2
    green : mine brickstone red hardness 2
    green : mine brickstone green hardness 2
    green : mine brickstone blue hardness 2
    green : mine brickstone pink hardness 2
    green : mine brickstone Orange hardness 2
    green : mine brickstone yellow hardness 2 
    red : mine brickstone (RB is rainbow ) 
    green : old oak wood hardness 2 
    green : old leaves hardness 1 
    green : old wood hardness 2 
    red : super coal ore hardness 4
    red : super coal block hardness 4
    green : water flame hardness 0.01 ( hurt )
    red : silver diamond ore hardness 4

    dark blue ingot 
    dark blue stick 
    poison diamond 
    ice core 
    dark diamond 
    poison stick 
    dark diamond stick
    dark blue metal 
    iron core 
    iron bullit 
    Inferno ingot 
    wither Essence 
    light diamond 
    super coal 
    water crystal
    silver diamond 

    wood 1 to 9 ( there well more )
    ice flame hurt 
    poison iyy hurt
    brian poison 
    heal bag help 
    black lava hurt 
    power up 1 
    not fire 
    water flame hurt
    swimfast lv 1 
    swimfast lv 2
    anti fire 

    dark blue sword use 200 
    dark blue shovel use 195 
    dark blue pickaxe use 201
    dark blue hoe use 198
    dark blue axe use 196 
    dark blue diamond pickaxe use 250 
    dark poison sword use 230
    dark poison shovel use 228
    dark poison pickaxe use 234
    dark poison hoe use 226
    dark poison axe use 236
    king sword use 260 
    poison dark sword use 247
    poison dark shovel use 243
    poison dark pickaxe use 245
    poison dark hoe use 240
    dark blood sword use  268
    dark blood shovel use 263
    dark blood pickaxe  use 265
    dark blood hoe use 260
    dark blood axe use 264
    iron gun use 32 
    Inferno sword use 289
    Inferno shovel use 287
    Inferno pickaxe use 285
    Inferno hoe use 280
    Inferno axe use 291 
    stone bow use 154 
    iron bow use 202
    Inferno bow use 400
    silver diamond sword use 250 

    dark blue head
    dark blue body 
    dark blue legs
    dark blue boots 
    ice head
    ice body
    ice legs 
    ice boots
    dark diamond head
    dark diamond body 
    dark diamond legs 
    dark diamond boots 
    pure dark blood head 
    pure dark blood body 
    pure dark blood legs 
    pure dark blood boots 
    dark blue metal head 
    dark blue metal body 
    dark blue metal legs 
    dark blue metal boots 
    Inferno head 
    Inferno body
    Inferno legs 
    Inferno boots
    water crystal head 
    water crystal body
    water crystal legs 
    water crystal boots
    silver diamond head
    silver diamond body
    silver diamond legs
    silver diamond boots

    mods ( this mods well in 50% in the Spawner)
    gold stave hp 40 
    swamp spider hp 30 
    evil shadow stave hp 50
    ghost creeper hp 50 
    death creeper  hp 30
    fast blood zombie hp 60 
    herobrine hp 100
    null hp 120 
    rainbow herobrine hp 130 
    entity 303 hp 200

    water apple 
    swamp eye 
    ghost creeper meat raw 
    ghost creeper meat cook
    heal bag 
    Inferno meat 

    gui made 
    wood machine gui 

    void lava ( hurt )
    black lava  ( hurt ) 

    fuse items
    iron ingot + lapis lazuli = dark blue ingot 
    2 gold sword + 1 iron  sword  = king sword 
    8 stone + 1 cobblestone = hard stone 
    4 diamond = silver diamond 
    1 iron ingot + 4 Blaze Rod = Inferno ingot 
    4 coal + Blaze Powder = super coal 
    4 Inferno ingot + Steak = Inferno meat 

    shadow biome 
    younger biome 
    old age biome 

    structure made 
    shadow dust 1 - 6 
    Old Mine tunnel
    herobrine home 

    shadow oak
    shadow wood
    younger oak
    younger wood 
    old oak wood 
    old wood 
    super coal
    super coal block

    darkness  gate 

    better if you want to use optifine and better fps or you don't have to use it 

  2. About a dark Age mod


    It's a mob that about going to evolution every time there comes update about that changing love different way of Minecraft but it go change lot of time and see the thing to charge like say about Minecraft versions and there comes or thing to add in the mod even it made on mcreator and there stronger mods and nice weapons and tools but it not easy to tell about but it's an ordinary evolution about like that made own story and see things to charge there life but there are darkness mods that want kill you can not so easy stop it but have better tools and armores even some there Limited that there fighting other mods and there mods fighting to other but nice this even not much tell about but it just how versions go for evolution like that see on the files like this way in list that never see before but here is list of evolution way.

  • Dark age 
  • Dark age V.2 
  • Dark age V.3 
  • dark age V.3.5 
  • dark age ver.4 
  • dark age ver 4,5 new 
  1. And it keeps evolution to next version even not so easy to find items and tool but you can see how far the evolution go for the dark age mod and try to ideas for make like made list on my notepad++ it not easy to come on idea's but only one thing I can make tree growing so I made blocks that get in that machine the wood so it is easy but I well make it more hard to let it bit by bit craft and it well not easy but you can see it self but rest you have to figure herself out what well add it the mod self and you well see more new things that don't believe.

    Permission what you can do. 

    It use for Minecraft mods like basically in modpack in to even can make video about what you think about it.

  2. https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/dark-age-mod/files
Modification files
dark age ver 4,5 vers 6.3 release.jarUploaded on: 06/29/2018 - 18:46   File size: 1.11 MB
dark age ver 4,5 vers 7.3 release.jarUploaded on: 07/18/2018 - 22:57   File size: 1.31 MB

this my first mod on 1.11.2 i hope that guys like it take long to think about it even what help

well i only make now version so that can play it and there be new stuff in new version

ok it hard to undersand me but i can not help it want i am handicap with sickness call cogen symdrome in way that my works in other work but i can not help it

i made now i mcr so that i now i going make this on version 1.12.1 so you can use this or go to that link

this mod well come back only in dark age v2 that means new things than here in this old version dont worry

Hello, im also dutch (from Netherlands) i tried to contact you on discord but it appears your discord name isn't correct anymore.