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Im Working on a Gems Mod that add Topaz,Sapphire and and and...

 AquaticCraft {The Beggining Of The Sea}

Story:The Ocean,Deep,Cold And Fun!The Normal Players Steve and Alex are Ready for an exciting Adventure in The Caves,Night and Ocean Join Steve and Alex for an Adventure! Better With Just Enough Items!

This Mod Brings to Minecraft:


+Stripped Logs {Acacia,Oak,Birch,Spruce,Jungle,Dark Oak}

+Bark Blocks {Acacia,Oak,Birch,Spruce,Jungle,Dark Oak}

+Kelp and Sea Grass Plants

+Dried Kelp Block

+Sea Pickles!! {PICKLE RICK!!!!}

+Conduit {When you Rightclick it,You have Water Breathing and Nightvision!}

+Blue Ice!

+Beam {When you Rightclick it, You have Haste,Speed,Strenght,Jump Boost,Resistance!}

+Sugar Cane Block,Rainbow Block!!

+Coral Block! {They in Underground i can't make it in Ocean sry,} {Tube,Fire,Horn,Bubble,Brain Corals!}

+Coral Plants {They on Grass i can't make it in Ocean sry} {Tube,Horn,Fire,Brain,Bubble Coral Plants!}

+Turtle Egg,Bubble Column Block,Bubble Column Top,Bubbles {Work in Progress} {Bubble can you Get from break grass}

+Pufferfish Statue


+Nautilus Shell

+Heart of Sea

+Phantom Membrane

+Frozen  Nautilus Shell


+Turtle Helmet

+Kelp,Dried Kelp

+Icy Igniter

+Eye of Water

+Feather Falling {You have Levitation for 32 Seconds}

+Trophy Bag

+3D Trident


+Drowned {They can drop:Trident,Nautilus Shell and Rotten Flesh,Rarely:Trophy Bags!}

+Turtles {They Models are Pigs LOL,They can drop:Scute}

+Nautilus {They are Shells that drop:Nautilus Shells}

+Underwater Knight {They drop:Heart of Sea,Eye of Water}

+Phantom {They drop:Phantom Membrane,The Model is Ghast xD}


They are 8 different Trophys {Sea Pickle,Turtle Helmet,Phantom Membrane,Nautilus Shell,Spectral Arrow,Shulker Shell,Dragon Breath,Heart of Sea} You can get it from the Trophy Bag!

Other Things:

+New Menu Background

+New Option Background

+New Shulker Box Interface!

+Ice Dimension! {Packed Ice Frame} {Icy Igniter}

I Hope You like my Mod and Leave a Comment what can i do in the next Update!


Modification files
AquaticCraft[1.12.2].jarUploaded on: 06/06/2018 - 16:17   File size: 5.64 MB

The Release :D

Hi, the mod dosn't work, there is coral everywhere on map (on grass) and zero coral on water ^^

I like the mod but could you make it so they spawn under the water? It's kind of strange seeing a bunch of coral growing all over mountains.