The Elements Mod

Published by Dragma2005 on Mon, 09/04/2017 - 01:01
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Disclaimer: This is NOT a copycat mod, I just decided to make an elements mod one day, thank you.

Welcome! This is a pretty small mod I made which focuses on well, the elements! It has elemental swords, elemental armor, elemental tools (one tool per element), 4 mobs (1 is a mini-boss, 1 is a full boss), and more!

I feel like this mod is fairly complete, but if I need to I will update it, maybe I'll add in 2 mobs that already should be in but aren't...




-Fire, Water, Air and Earth Swords

-Diamond Crystal

-Fire, Water, Air and Earth Crystals

-Pickaxe of Quakes

-Shovel of Seas

-Axe of Infernos

-Hoe of Storms



-Fire, Water, Air and Earth Armor

-Ultimate Elemental Sword

-Fire and Water spirits (mobs)

-Elemental Egg

-Elemental Guardian mob (Mini-boss), which has a rare chance to drop a Pure Orb

-Elemental Beacon (Block) which when clicked will give you amazing potion effects and a small chance of giving you diamonds, emeralds, and more

-Trophy of Elements (Just a decoration item)

-Ender Shard (Used to craft Egg Shards)

-Egg Shard (Used to craft dragon egg)

-Crafting recipe for dragon egg

-Multiple Wither Skull recipes

-Pure Orb

-Rainbow Orb

-Pure Stick

-A second recipe for pure stick

-Rainbow Sword

-Rainbow Sword second recipe, gives it enchantments.

-The Dark One (Boss)

-Sacred Knife (Used in crafting the Dark summons)

-Dark Summons (Used for summoning the dark one)

-Dark Orb

-Oblivion Blade/Dark Sword

-Creative-Only Ultra Sword

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