Jelenir's Basic Guns

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A simple mod that adds multiple new guns to minecraft.

Items as of 1.2:


Steel Ingot: Obtained by smelting an iron ingot via blast furnace. You're gonna need a lot of these.

Steel Barrel: Crafted with 6 steel ingots. Truly, one of the items of all time.

Steel Grip: Crafted with 3 steel ingots. Looks like a gun, even though it's just a part of one.

Round Magazine: Crafted with 4 steel ingots. It's that funny cylinder inside of your revolver.

Wooden Stock: Crafted with 4 sticks. [insert description here]

Iron Pellets: Crafted with 6 iron ingots. These are the little projectiles that shoot out of your shotgun, which does NOT mean that this is ammo.

Steel Blocks: Crafted with 9 steel ingots. You're not gonna need a lot of these.

Bazooka: Crafted with 2 steel blocks, a steel grip and steel barrel. Shoots a rocket that goes in a s`traight line and explodes on impact, doing around 20 damage. Ammo: rocket

Rocket: Crafted with a redstone block, tnt and 3 steel ingots. Ammunition for the bazooka.

Revolver: Crafted with a steel barrel, wooden stock, round magazine and steel grip. Shoots projectiles that go in a straight line. Ammo: pistol rounds

Pistol Rounds: Crafted with 5 gold nuggets, gunpowder and a steel ingot. Ammunition for pistols and revolvers.

Pistol: Crafted with 2 steel ingots, a steel grip, and steel barrel. Deals around 9 damage.

The items below have their recipes shown on one of the screenshots, which is why their recipes aren't written down.


Double barrel shotgun: shoots 4 projectiles that go in random directions, each dealing around 6 damage. Ammo: shotgun shell 

Shotgun shell: Ammunition for shotguns.

Sniper Rifle: deals a whopping 25 damage, it is very precise and works like you probably expect. Ammo: sniper bullet

Sniper Bullet: Ammunition for the sniper rifle.

Grenade Launcher: explodes on impact, without destroying blocks. Deals different damage depending on if it hit the bottom or top or side of a block. I'm not sure why it does that. Ammo: 40mm grenade.

40mm grenade: Ammunition for the grenade launcher. 

Modification files
jelenirsbasicguns-1.20.1-v1.0.jar - Original release of Jelenir's Basic Guns.Uploaded on: 12/03/2023 - 21:18   File size: 137.05 KB
jelenirsbasicguns-1.20.1-v1.3.jar - Version 1.3 of Jelenir's Basic Guns.Uploaded on: 12/10/2023 - 14:28   File size: 246.68 KB

Release of the mod. 

Added Bazooka ranged item 

Added Rocket item


Bazooka projectiles now fall after 120 ticks


Added Party Hat armor


 Added Revolver ranged item

Adden Pistol Rounds item

Added Steel Block block

Bazooka now has a recipe

Rocket now has a recipe


Nerfed Revolver (it used to do extreme damage)

Fixed model of Revolver


Added Pistol item

Buffed Bazooka


I would've removed the 2 most recent comments that i made if i knew how to. Anyway, 1.2 is out! Yay!

i'm geniuenly running yout of ideas and have so much stuff going on i dont think ill update this very often

Reply to this comment with your ideas on what i should add, and I'll consider adding it!

Update 1.1 is finally out! You can download it right now!! Ugh i can finally go to sleep its literally so late

The texture on those guns bro, You deserve more likes and downloads man!