Lucky Buisness

Published by RadRobot on Fri, 10/27/2017 - 07:07
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Lucky Buisness is a mod that adds in a rare block called the Present, that can be found anywhere in caves. It can give you one of five things,

*Pickaxe Block: The pickaxe block is crafted as follows:

It can also be obtained by the Present Block. It can give you one of four of the new pickaxes in this mod:

*The Burner

*The Clover



*Sword Block:

There are three obtainable Sword Blocks, all obtained by the Present. They all have four seperate swords inside them.

Sword Block 1:

The swords in Sword Block 1 are as following:


*Ender Bane


*Grim Reaper

Sword Block 2:

The swords in Sword Block 2 are as following:



*Sword of Mercy


Sword Block 3:

The swords in Sword Block 3 are as following:

*Sword of Hope

*Sun Slayer

*The Charis


Lucky Strike:

If you are feeling VERY lucky, you can try your luck at the Lucky Strike, obtainable from the Present as a 100% drop, or crafted as following:

There is a small chance to get the best sword in the game, the Sword of Luck from this block, but it can take a while of crafting or searching to be able to find the sword.

This mod adds 13 swords, 4 pickaxes and 6 blocks.

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