Wastelands of Baedoor

Published by Toma400 on Sun, 03/14/2021 - 23:51
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Happy to announce that my debut mod is now available as public alpha!
Wastelands of Baedoor invents my own steampunk universe within Minecraft vanilla experience, adding new weapons, materials and mechanics, with subtle care to not ruin vanilla feeling.

Therefore you will see airships floating in the sky, and different kind of steampunk materials to build with! But as Wastelands of Baedoor is mod that will bring you mostly weapons, you can expect a whole lot of different guns, but there are different classic weapons planned as well. There will be also some bosses in the future, bringing danger not known before to the lands of Minecraft...

As for v0.a9 version, Wastelands of Baedoor supports both Forge 1.15.2 and Forge 1.16.4. If you want to see features of Wastelands of Baedoor on 1.12.2 version, let me know here. Until someone advances will to play it, I see no reason for myself to create whole mod from scratch, even if I'm really digging 1.12.2 atmosphere lately.



First of all, you get various new weapons, ranging from classic ones - knives, throwing daggers, throwing axes, javelins, spears, sabres:

[classic weapons]

To revolvers, shotguns and rifles, all with various mechanics (explained in wiki which will be at the end):


There's also a possibility to use a leghold trap thanks to Hunter Update! You can trap mobs to make your hunting easier.



There are four types of airships floating in the sky of Wastelands of Baedoor mod - you can try to conquer them, if you have enough curiosity. Though be aware - bandits on these airships aren't the easiest enemies!

[airship inside]

Some of these airships can also be cursed... but psst, don't talk about that here. You have to find it by yourself. Or read the wiki.


There are lots of things vanilla Minecraft is missing, and while this mod is mostly steampunk-y and wild west-y, it also tries to fill the holes of vanilla game in parts where there isn't much impact on gameplay itself... but there is much impact on player.

For example, now you can farm sand! It's finally renewable resource!

[sand veils]

From v0.a9 you can also farm ink sacks without making any entity-based farm, which were a pain to make, and most importantly, unhumanitarian.

Maybe you are a city builder, or mega base builder, and want to have mob-proof base, with moody light and without placing carpets/slabs everywhere? If you ever dreamt about beacon having "mob proof" effect, then here you have. Something maybe even better. Believe me or not, but this little pillar killed these creepers one second after taking a screenshot:



Wastelands of Baedoor mainly focuses on steampunk stuff, so you get, of course, various wood variants which weren't in vanilla before.


You also get different green types of blocks - from the most expensive block (cirtain) which does not have any purpose now, to new type of quasi-wood: bamboo.

Oh, you got new music discs too!

[green blocks]

You prefer blue? Perfectly, I prefer too. In this colour you will get many new blocks - lapis crystals, lapis lamps, or poor, abandoned blue nether bricks.

[blue blocks]

Do you like red better? Well, that's not my type, but I have something for you anyway.

[red blocks]

And yes, you see perfectly. There is glowing obsidian returning to game, and - I hope - I explained reason for it in mod "lore" enough. Of course you also get chiseled version of red nether brick, because that's outrageous vanilla is lacking it!

If you like building with black pallette, then you also got something more to build on. Black sand, and its hardened, polished, smooth and chiseled versions are waiting!

[black blocks]

If you are tired of all these blocks, there is also a powerful dose of glass variants: horizontal ones (simply glass trapdoors) and 11 different framed versions of them (one for each wood type + two stripped ones + of course, bamboo one)


There are also new decorations, which will be extended much more in the future. For now though, we have lapis towers, representing Elven Lapis Tower, the home of all mages living in West of Moon Continent.

[lapis towers]

There are many subtle changes not mentioned here which you can also find useful (for example, chainmail armor being craftable). But for that I recommend reading the wiki... or finding it by yourself while playing! 


That section doesn't list mods being compatibile thanks to my coding, I just played it a lot and tested various things for enough time to see no bugs. If you found any, let me know in feedback form.

Versions v0.a6 and newer are compatibile with Forge port of BetterEnd mod!

1.16.4 versions of WoB are also working correctly with Oh The Biomes You'll Go!



Wastelands of Baedoor is slowly coming to beta stage. I will make surely one more alpha update (v0.a10), introducing lots of new content, partly continuing hunt-adventure theme of v0.a9, and partly focusing on first mod's boss and NPCs.

After that, though, I think alpha stage will be finished, and with beta stage of a mod, I will try to make updates less frequently, but massive in both content and polishing aspect.

But you will ask, what I can expect from this mod in the future. Simply, I don't care about your creating process.
Simply then: more of everything. There will be certainly four bosses, each airship will differ visually. There will be many new weapons, firearms, a lot of new steampunk-themed items and blocks, more farming possibilities.

You can also add your perspective to that by filling up the form (it is below that section).

[wiki + feedback]

Guide (Recipes and short introduction to mechanics)

Bugs / Ideas / Feedback Report

Bug Tracker


[additional notes]

Mod is still in alpha stage - therefore I strongly recommend using it carefully with your old worlds. If you want to add this mod to world you already played and care about - I'm more than happy! But make backup of it, because I can't promise my mod being stable. This especially relate to 1.16.4 version of mod, as it was generated via MCreator snapshot. For now, though, I didn't have any crucial bugs crashing the game.

If you have older version of mod and you upgrade it, you can get "missing items" error. Don't worry, it's nothing to care about, it just makes projectiles or test items disappear. I don't delete any important feature since first public version, so these errors appears only if something was changed for performance/mod weight sake.


Thank you for amazing people here on MCreator site, for being so wholesome community. Especially I wanted to thank:

  • Seshua - for giving me advice on how to code avoider block
  • Pylo - for giving me possibility to create with such ease mods for one of the most beautiful games out here
  • Mojang - with which everything started
  • FreddyFoxGam3r & TotalBlackSmith - for nice ideas which will be introduced in near future

Thanks a lot, and see you on airship!



Modification files
Wastelands of Baedoor (v0.a9, 1.16.4).jar - Hunter Update, version for 1.16.411.82 MB
Wastelands of Baedoor (v0.a9, 1.15.2).jar - Hunter Update, version for MB
Wastelands of Baedoor (v0.a8, 1.16.4).jar - Glass Update, version for 1.16.411.52 MB
Wastelands of Baedoor (v0.a8, 1.15.2).jar - Glass Update, version for MB

  ==== alpha v0.a9 ====

Added Weapons:

  • Bone Knife
  • Ayer Knife
  • Wither Knife
  • Assassin's Knife
  • Stone Spear
  • Iron Spear
  • Bone Javelin
  • Stone Javelin
  • Bone Throwing Axe
  • Stone Throwing Axe
  • Iron Throwing Axe
  • Lefs 9 Infantry Revolver
  • Ayer Shotgun
  • Ayer Sawed-Off
  • Windsweeper

Added Plants:

  • Tsua Flower
    • can be bonemealed to obtain more
    • crafting it further gives you "star of rising day"
    • "star of rising day" can give you ink sack if used in 2x2 pattern

Added Blocks:

  • Block of Mushroom Poison
  • Leghold Trap
    • use tripwire hook to activate, deactivate and release it
    • in activated mode, it catches entities
    • you need to release trap to let caught entity go
    • breaking trap in active or caught state is extremely long, but with diamond pickaxe you can do that

Added Items:

  • Javelin Sack
    • you can store there your javelins
    • right-click with filled sack to unload
  • Winfleton's Diamond Ace Card (collectible, not in survival yet)
  • Winfleton's Heart Ace Card (collectible, not in survival yet)
  • Winfleton's Club Ace Card (collectible, not in survival yet)
  • Winfleton's Spade Ace Card (collectible, not in survival yet)
  • Lefs 9 Infantry Revolver Scheme
  • Windsweeper Scheme

Added Advancements:

  • Entering Wastelands of Baedoor
    • gives you recipes for all crafting table items/blocks available in mod
  • Hunter of Lost Woods (Hunter Path - Beginning)
  • Let the Hunt Begin (Hunter Path)
  • Trapping the Beast (Hunter Path)
  • Ace of Winfleton's

Added Effects:

  • Curare Poison
    • makes you unable to walk and weak your attacks strongly (16/8 hearts)
    • currently not obtainable without commands (created for v0.a10)

New In Gameplay:

  • Descriptions on some items, blocks and weapons


  • Weapons Mechanics:
    • Sabre weapon type now has defence mechanics (holding right-click disables damage, but also make you unable to attack)
    • Crocodile Shotgun shot delay lenghtened to 40 ticks
    • Elephant Gun reload delay changed to 90 ticks
  • Nether Avoider Mechanics:
    • Nether Avoider now kills also items related to mobs it kills
    • If powered by redstone, Nether Avoider is pulsating even if inactive (this means you can activate it for certain situations, also without your direct action)
    • Nether Avoider Pulsating effect shortened to 3 seconds, to make you realise quicker that you are outside its range
  • Items Mechanics:
    • right-clicking mushroom poison no more gives you poison effect
    • right-clicking mushroom poison poisons arrow, if you had it in inventory (what means poison tipped arrows obtainable much easier)
  • Naming:
    • Thrown Dagger renamed to 'Throwing Dagger', same with poisoned one
      • ID tags remained the same, though
    • Gun Barrel, Shotgun Barrel and Double Shotgun Barrel renamed to 'Short', 'Long' and 'Double Long' Barrel. 
      • ID tags remained the same, though
    • Nether Avoider (Inactive) renamed to simply 'Nether Avoider'
  • Textures:
    • Ammunition Boxes texture changed
    • Lapis and Dark Lapis Crystals texture changed (standard state)
  • Other:
    • Messages are now shown as a golden overlay, instead of chat messages


  • BA9s0022 - elephant gun had wrong reload time


  ==== alpha v0.a8 ====

Added Blocks:

  • cracked lava block
  • blue nether bricks
    • variants (slab, stairs, wall)
    • chiseled version (standard & darkened)
  • charcoal block
  • smooth black sand (with slab and stairs variants)
  • bamboo block
    • can be used as a fuel (2 items/20s)
  • bamboo quasi-wood tier (with stairs, slab, fence and trapdoor variants)
  • glowing obsidian (available from mage airships)
  • nether avoider
    • makes typical night mobs die if in the area of 50 blocks, when activated
    • activate by clicking right-click on avoider
  • lapis crystal and dark lapis crystal
    • changing states by clicking right-click on crystal
  • lapis lamp and dark lapis lamp
  • chiseled red nether bricks
  • horizontal stained glass
  • framed stained glass (variants for every kind of wood + 2 special ones + bamboo)

Added Effects:

  • nether avoider pulsating
    • does nothing, only gives you information about activated nether avoider in range of its destructive power
    • disappears 16 seconds after leaving the area

Added Recipes:

  • recipe for chainmail armor


  • changed textures:
    • lava block to smooth one
    • chiseled jungle revamped
    • stripped chiseled dark oak and spruce darkened
    • rifles and shotgun textures set on different pattern (meaning no more distortion and generally better quality)
  • changed crocodile shotgun scheme recipe to make it much harder to craft
  • ammo boxes can be thrown only in alternative mode (by pressing M)
  • creative tab items regrouped to be more accesible
  • structure changes:
    • changed mage airship model
    • changed mage airship loot
    • changed mage airship spawning
      • bandit spawner erased
      • bandit spawning rate decreased to 0
    • changes in airships rarity once again
      • mage airships probability decreased from 200 to 180
      • military and bandit airships probability raised from 200 to 210
      • trader airships probability stayed the same

 ==== alpha v0.a7 ====

Added Blocks:

  • Always-Lit-Lamp

Added Weapons:

  • Crocodile Shotgun
  • Jitado Shotgun (not obtainable in survival yet)
  • Brotherhood Sabre
  • Ammo Boxes (can be used as a grenade)

Added Items:

  • 2-rounded shotgun clip
  • crocodile shotgun scheme (craftable!)

Added Music Discs (found on mage and trader airships):

  • "Oneironaut" by The Book of Seth
  • "Inside the Hidden Forest Temple" by Drganie

Added Mechanics:

  • implemented gun modes, changed by mode key (M)
  • added key checking how much ammo firearm contains (Z)
  • added key unloading all ammo from firearm (U)

Added sounds:

  • dedicated sounds for shooting:
    •  long revolver
    •  elephant gun
    •  jitado shotgun
    •  crocodile shotgun
  • sounds for dry shooting

General additions:

  • added mod icon
  • creative tab icon changed


  • changed airship generation 
    • trader airship lowered from 300 to 250
    • other airships lowered from 250 to 200
  • changed airship loot
  • changed bandit loot table
  • reload mechanic change: now you can reload only weapon in main hand
  • sounds for shooting changed:
    • pepper box sound now aligned to handmade revolver
    • unused handmade revolver sound aligned to pepper box


  • BA6_0013 - elephant gun shows wrong message while empty
  • BA6_0014 - handmade revolver has the same shooting sound effect as short revolver
  • BA6_0015 - firearm table is not rendering properly
  • BA6_0016 - guns don't lose durability when shooting


==== alpha v0.a6 ====


  • Ported to 1.16.4

Added Weapons:

  • Elephant Gun

Added Items:

  • 5- and 7-rounded revolver clips
  • large bullet
  • slug


  • changed firearm table GUI aesthetics
  • crafting now uses buttons (used to fix bug BA5_0010)
  • changed firearm table placing (you can place it in different rotations)
  • added storage slots for keeping schemes in firearm table
  • short revolver now uses 5-rounded revolver clip
    • reload mechanics changed (reload delay stays the same though)
    • short revolver recipe changed
  • reload delay for long revolver shortened to 100 ticks (5s)
  • shot delay for long revolver shortened to 15 ticks
  • airships now generate in four types, each with different loot:
    • bandit airships generate only in overworld
    • trader airships generate slightly more common (350 instead of 250)
    • old airship structures are now frozen (generating rate at 0)
  • small bullet recipe gives you now 3 bullets instead of 2


  • BA5_0012 - "long revolver scheme" named as "short" one
  • BA4_0008 - airship loot tables not working
  • BA4_0009 - bandits not spawning on airships
  • BA5_0010 - firearm table can dupe revolvers

I'd love to hear your feedback on it! ^^
By the way, just warning you if you downloaded first 1.16.4 file (title without "_0" at the end) - I messed up generators and file uploaded previously can be not working. Actual version should be fine, though.

I played it and it looks fun. I have some suggestions to make it better. It has a lot of potential!
-3D Models for Guns
-The Bandit should hold a gun in the model
-varied reloading time
Other than that this looks really promising

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it ^^
For the model case, I am total newbie in both modelling and coding, so it will take time until I can make what you suggested. But still, that's what I plan to develop somehow. For now I am struggling with nice diagonal textures, as it would make firearms better (as long as they are not models, at least).
And reloading times are varied! On wiki there are time differences listed, ranging from 25 ticks to even 100. Though maybe you mean having these times even more varied, or that shot delay & reload types make you feel it's no difference between them? Would be nice if you explain that more ^^

Okay, so if adding more guns in the future isn't going to solve the problem, I will try to make them diverse enough to feel. For now it can be misleading, because I wanted to show all types of reloading, haha. By the way, I guess it was you writing me answer on Google Docs, and I love your idea for the boss!
And about 3D models, you can try it if you want :D I'm open for contributions. With my time & skills at modelling, 3D guns will be at the earliest near v0.a11-12 x)

Works on new update are going smoothly, but I have one question for type of block I am not sure of. What do you all think about implementing new quasi-wood tier, being bamboo? Here there is an example of blocks' textures, as
a green temple (don't mind the monotony of colour, it's more if this wood fits overall feeling of the mod, or if it's out of place): https://i.pinimg.com/originals/29/6e/0a/296e0a77fb6b60240a7792e52527c886.png