Adventures and Adversaries

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Adventures and Adversaries

Adventures and Adversaries is a mod that adds several new biomes to your world, with blocks as well as mobs to inhabit them.

Currently The mod adds 5 new biomes and 5 new mobs, with new plants and blocks in these biomes, and a new boss!


The Deadlands

The deadlands are dry plains, devoid of life besides the old tree husks that still remain. A new type of wood can be found there, as well as dead leaf carpets.

The Volcanic Wastes

The volcanic wastes is a desolate land filled with lava, blackstone, and basalt. Be careful not to take a wrong step and burn to a crisp. Pockets of ash are scattered throughout, with strange ash flowers that are usable as fuel.

The Dark Depths

The dark depths are ocean beds devoid of life besides mysterious orb plants, whose fruit is said to have value in brewing. Lodged into its floor is mechanical debris, which contains a small amount of diamond for lucky ones.

The Darkest Depths

The darkest depths are the dark depths older sibling, thousands of years old with ancient, mutated orb plants, and bleached sea grass that somehow managed to survive.

The Autumn Arboretum

The Autumn Arboretum is a biome forever in autumn, with deer racing through the colorful leaves, and with strange statues littered throughout it...


The Mechanical Mimic

The mechanical mimic is a distant relative of the shulker which mimics mechanical debris at the bottom of the dark depths. When disturbed, it will emerge from its shell and quickly kill all but the most prepared adventurers.

The Risen

The risen are skeletons' ghostly counterpart, dropping materials for a scythe, and spawn when a skeleton type mob dies in The deadlands.

The Deer Family

Deer roam the forest of the Autumn Arboretum, and a ghostly variant can be summoned from breaking a statue head found deep in the forest.

Compatibility enchantment) from Wastelands of Baedoor

Modification files
Adventures and Adversaries 0.1.1.jar - Beta 0.1.1 for Minecraft 1.16.5480.74 KB
Adventures and Adversaries 0.1.2.jar - Beta 0.1.2 for Minecraft 1.16.5529.98 KB
Adventures and Adversaries 0.2.1.jar - Beta 0.2.1 for Minecraft MB
Adventures and Adversaries 0.4.1.jar - Beta 0.4.1 for Minecraft MB

Beta 0.1.1 - Release

Beta 0.1.2 - Renewability and some changes


-The volcanic wastes are now flatter, have less volcanic structures, and generate with pockets of volcanic ash, in which Ash Flowers can grow.

Blocks and Plants:

-Dead Leaf Carpets can now drop fragile saplings, which can be grown into more fragile logs and dead leaf carpets.

-Orb Plant Stems now drop immature orb fruit, which can be planted to grow another orb plant when planted in gravel and submerged.

-Added Volcanic Ash.

-Added Ash Flower.

Beta 0.2.0 - New biome and more


- Added the Darkest Depths. The darkest depths are the dark depths older sibling, thousands of years old with ancient, mutated orb plants, and bleached sea grass that somehow managed to survive.

Blocks and Plants:

- Added Bleached Fiber Stem

- Added Orb Gelatin Block

- Added Bleached Sea Grass


- Added Gelatin.

- Added Gello (Intended Name).


- Mechanical Mimics are now solid like boats.

- Volcanic Ash no longer requires a shovel to mine, now simply being broken faster with one.

- Optimized plant and sappling growth to be more efficient.

- Immature Orb Fruit now can be bone mealed.

Beta 0.2.1 - Small changes


- Added Mechanical Facade

- Added Mechanical Facade Column


- Mechanical Gear and Mechanical Wheel and Axel have had their textures updated.


- The Mechanical Mimic will now actually have a boat-like hitbox.

- Added compatibility with the dismantle enchantment from Wastelands of Baedoor (

0.3.0 - Deadlands V2 and some additions


- Ruins now generate in the Deadlands

- The old Deadland trees have been replaced with new (figuratively) shiny ones!

- Bleached Coral now generates in the Darkest Depths Blocks


- Added Bleached Coral Block

- Added Mechanical Facade Stairs and Slabs

- Added Mechanical Beacon (UNFINISHED) (UNOBTAINABLE)


- Added Bleached Coral Items

- Added Encrypted Recon Data. (UNFINISHED)

- Added Refined Redstone Crystal. (UNFINISHED) Mobs

- Added Mechanical Scout.

- Added Risen 


- Added the Refined Redstone Crystal to Mechanical Debris' drops

- Mechanical Debris can now be silk touched and most of its drops can now be fortuned.

Bug Fixes

- Dead Leaf Carpets should mostly no longer generate in water.

- Fragile Sapplings no longer grow through blocks.

0.4.0 - Autumn Auboretum


- Added 4 new leaf blocks, each with slabs and carpets.


- Added Raw Venison and Cooked Venison

- Added Greater Risoplasm

Plants and Miscellaneous

- Added Fading Bush


- Added Deer

- Added Spectral Deer


- Added Autumn Arboretum


- Ghostly Scythe now needs Greater Risoplasm to craft

- Nerfed Risoplasm drop rate from 1/10 to 1/20

0.4.1 - Bugfixes


- Fixed a bug where spectral deers attacked players in creative mode with their lightning attack

- Spectral deers now attack the player even when unprovoked now

- Volcanic Wastes now have proper monster spawns

Looks really nice after first look! The one thing I would love to suggest is to make resources renewable/farmable. That always make mod a lot more interesting for me, and yours is already in that list :D
Also, is that Mechanical Mimic some kind of automaton/machine? If so, I could have neat proposition for you... ^^

Good point. Now that I think about it, renewable resources are important, so I'll make them farmable. The mechanical mimic is more of a sea creature using a metal shell it found, and it's supposed to be a first taste of more mechanical enemies I would like to add to the mod.

I see you added farming mechanics, yay! Just downloaded new version of mod, I'm still yet to find these new biomes, but I'm so happy!

And about that proposition - if you add more mechanical enemies in the future, I would happily see cross-compatibility feature between A&A and my mod! (my mod adds enchantment dealing more damage for mechanical entities)
So if you would be interested, just let me know, I will explain everything.

Nice ^^ the only thing you need is to set NBT logic tag "automaton_type" to "true" after your mechanical entity spawns.
If you want to test that, newest snapshot of my mod uploaded here supports this already (enchantment is called "Dismantle" and adds 1.25 damage per level, up to 6.25 on level V)